Arrival at the Singapore Changi Airport – It’s all about experience!

There are several destinations across the globe that has been termed as the best ones in drawing tourist attention and one of them is Singapore.

This country might be a just a small dot in the World Map but it has managed to draw more tourist population over the years more than other Asian destinations.

one of the best asian airport

Singapore Changi Airport

One thing that impressed me during my most recent visit to Singapore was their uber clean, green and organized airport. They say that a good airport reflects on how organized the tourist destination is and I definitely agree having Changi Airport as a perfect example.

Before I start my journey, I always to draw as much as information that I can gather about the destination because I cant afford any problem or journey related worries during my tour. Worry no more because this small but vibrant island is so much organized that you cant think of any problem when it comes to tourist information and assistance.

green airport

Garden or Airport?

Most of us also relies on the airport tourist information first before starting our tour. Changi Airport for me is one of the most tourist friendly airport Ive ever visited.

singapore airport

Singapore Airport

Aside from strategically located tourist information centers, they also provide free and efficient Internet stations that will help you find the information you need and not only that, they also provide free Singapore Map, Restaurant guide, Adventure guide, City guide and tourist information booklets for you too keep.

free Singapore restaurant guide
Free Singapore Map

True enough, your arrival in Changi Airport is more than just a passengers pit stop, its a perfect reflection of what Singapore has to offer to its visitors.

shops in changi airport

Duty Free Shops in Changi Airport

I have reached several airports before but the Changi airport in Singapore was simply marvelous. This 113 square kilometer is perfectly located in the north east part of Singapore’s commercial centers. Loaded with beautiful interior and having enough sophisticated facilities for the passengers, Singapore’s Changi airport is the best in Southeast Asia from my point of view.

More stories about my Singapore Trip later:)

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  1. tempo dulu says

    Even though Changi is large, it’s easy to navigate. I was amazed how quick it was for me to get to the bus stop below the airport.

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