Travel Guide: Whale Shark Watching in Lila, Bohol

WHALE SHARK encounter in Bohol

Whale Shark Watching by Jae via Flickr

Lila Whale Shark Watching Experience in Bohol

Bohol is best known for Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, and Alona Beach. But did you know that aside from these famous tourist attractions, they also offer something wonderful under the sea?

Lila, Bohol, is a quaint coastal town known to be an agricultural site. But many people do not know that it is home to many whale sharks, the world’s largest living sharks. They’re huge but they’re harmless, which is why many tourists love to see them up close and personal.

Whale Shark Watching by Jae via Flickr
Whale Shark Watching by Jae via Flickr

In Lila, tourists flock to the town because of the booming tourist activity that is whale shark watching. Here, you can encounter the giants of the sea and enjoy underwater activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and even diving!

Available Tours

There are many available tour operators that offer whale shark watching activities in Bohol. Here are some of them:

ILINK.PH Travel Booking Philippines
Mobile: 0917 626 2242

KKDay Bohol Whale Shark Encounter

Lila Whale Watching

Tips and Guides

  • The number one rule is to never feed the whale sharks. It’s not a sustainable tourism practice and can harm the whale sharks with their behavioral changes and possible injuries.
  • It’s always best to bring your own gear and equipment. Must-have items include goggles and snorkels, for hygienic purposes.
  • Don’t be too noisy. Loud voices might scare whale sharks which might drive them away.
  • Don’t touch the fishes. It can injure or stress them. Encounters are made to just see them up-close, it’s a different story if you do something to them. Let them swim freely!
  • If a whale shark goes near you, keep calm. Stay about 4 feet away from the face and 13 feet from the tail for a comfortable distance.
  • Refrain from doing flash photography. Bring an underwater camera but make sure to not disturb these whale sharks by surprising them!
  • Make sure to only book a tour from accredited tour operators.

Other whale-shark activities around Bohol

Aside from Lila, you can encounter these gentle giants in other parts of Bohol as well. From Panglao to Oslob, there are whale shark watching activities too. It’s almost a 100% guarantee that you’ll see whale sharks in Bohol, which makes it your number one destination if you want these giants of the sea.

Other nearby tourist spots around Lila

Aside from whale shark encounters, there are nearby tourist attractions that you can go to:

Ingkumhan Falls

Located in Dimiao, this secret waterfall is a must-visit thanks to the rope swing and cliff diving activities that you can do here. Its crystal clear waters and serene atmosphere make the place lovelier.

Lodge Restaurant and Bar

Have a sumptuous lunch with a view when you go to Lodge Restaurant in Loboc. Enjoy good food, great views, and a relaxing vibe on your visit here.

Mahogany Forest

Also situated in Loboc, the Mahogany Forest is a good place to drive along a tree-lined pathway on your way to the city. It’s a man-made forest that gives you a scenic vista as you pass by.

Have you visited Lila for whale shark watching before? How was your experience? Share it with us below.


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