How We Had The “Need-To-Be-Back-By-Dinner” Oslob Experience

Whale Shark Watching in Oslob Experience

Would you believe, we were able to do Whaleshark Watching and visit Sumilon Island, Tumalog Falls and Baluarte Ruins in just one whole day? To give you an idea how to do it, let me share you our detailed itinerary below:

Whale Shark Interaction in Oslob Cebu by Janey Oslob Experience
Whale Shark Interaction in Oslob Cebu by Janey

My cousins just arrived from Manila and gave me a challenge since they have a dinner engagement the next day. If it was, by all means, possible, to fully experience Oslob on that same day and be back by 8pm?

1. Whaleshark Watching
2. Sumilon Island
3. Tumalog Falls
4. Baluarte Ruins

Haha we’ll see.

Whale Shark (Butanding) in Oslob Experience

1. Left Cebu South Bus Terminal near Emall at 4AM through yellow Ceres bus with a sign on it that says “Bato-Oslob”.

Tip: There’s a 7-Eleven store across the terminal if you’re hungry or thirsty. Don’t forget to power nap for two hours, full packed day ahead.

Beachview in Tan-awan
Beachview in Tanawan – Oslob Experience

2. Arrived 7AM in Tan-awan Whaleshark-watching Orientation Center near BCD’s Place. There’s a sign on the left side of the road.

Tip: Tell the Ceres ticket attendant to drop you at BCD’s Place in Tan-awan.

Underwater meditation
Underwater meditation

3. Register. Then a thorough discussion about the do’s and don’ts, pay the fee (1000+ with underwater camera rental). Present receipt, wear lifejacket and snorkel, wait for your turn to go to the boat and swim with the sharks.

Arya! Muro-ami style
Arya! Muro-ami style

Tip: Look for Ryan Seville, a boatman friend of mine, tell him to cover everything in video, that way you could screenshot the best parts.

4. Process your underwater coverage through CD or memory card where you rented it. Their shop’s just behind Sunrise Grill Haus, where breakfast is at 100 pesos. Look for Flip and Flex so that you will be serenaded while eating. Done by 9:00 AM.

Sumilon Island

1. After eating at Sunrise Grill Haus, ask the waiter for Vangie, she owns eight red boats, she’ll hook you up. If you’re traveling alone, tell her to merge you with another group. Pay 200 at most for a roundtrip. Don’t forget to haggle.

Overlooking Sumilon sandbar
Overlooking Sumilon Island sandbar

2. Arrive on the island 20 minutes later, pay the entrance fee of 50 pesos. You could also check-out Sumilon Bluewater Resort.

Lunch for 115 pesos only
Lunch for 115 pesos only

3. Go back to Sunrise Grill Haus anytime as long as it’s one of Vangie’s eight red boats.

Good value for your money
Good value for your money

4. Have lunch, all done by 1:00PM.

The author with cousins
The author with cousins

Tumalog Falls & Baluarte

1. Again, look for Vangie. Pay 150 pesos at most for a motorbike. For big groups, you can ask for a multicab. Tell her you want to go to Tumalog Falls then Baluarte.

Front view of the waterfalls
Front view of the waterfalls

Sideview of Tumalog falls
Sideview of Tumalog Falls

Tip: Don’t pay your guy yet, he’ll wait for you. Also, you can buy a coconut at the entrance of Tumalog for 25 pesos.

Baluarte Ruins
Baluarte Ruins

2. Head over to Baluarte and read about it’s history. Ask locals where the bus stop for Cebu City is. It’s just a 5-minute walk from Baluarte. All done by 4:00 PM.

One of Vangie's fleet
One of Vangie’s fleet

3. On your way to Cebu South Bus Terminal, don’t forget to try out local delicacies like chicharon, ampao, banana chips, torta etc. They are usually sold by vendors who board the bus in Carcar. All done by 7:00 PM, still enough time to prepare for the dinner appointment.

Team Manila
Team Manila

Well it seems like Oslob has it all, 1/4 “dinosaur” interaction, 1/4 island-hopping, 1/4 majestic showers and 1/4 historical appreciation. Hitting four birds with one stone, more fun in the Philippines! Happy Summer!

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    Look like your having had the awesome time with friends in Oslob. Can’t wait for my upcoming trip to Cebu to swim with whale shark and aslo soak up in Sumilon Island. Thanks so much for your sharing and keep up with your good work!

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