Travel Gears: Speck SmartFlex Card iPhone 5 Case Review

Whenever we go out or town for business or personal trip, we always tend to forget to bring a set of business cards. Worry no more, since we rarely forget our iPhones, Speck just released a new product called Speck SmartFlex Card iPhone 5 case . This case is suitable only for iPhone 5 and is made out of flexible and durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material. Speck SmartFlex Card iPhone 5 case has protective rubberized cover to guard iPhone buttons along with card holding space.

Smartflex Card Holder for iPhone 5
Smartflex Card Holder for iPhone 5

Speck SmartFlex Card iPhone 5 Case Review

A snappy thumb release allows the users to push out cards from the slots. This case is custom designed especially for iPhone 5 and it enables simple removal and attachment by users. Speck SmartFlex Card iPhone 5 case is available in Pomodoro (Red), Grey, Green, Grape (Purple) and Black. SmartFlex Card iPhone 5 cases can be used as an alternative to wallets as it can hold foldable bills or three cards securely. A raised bezel keeps the iPhone screen safe.

An iPhone case with Business Card Holder
An iPhone case with Business Card Holder

The highlighted features of this accessory include docking flips, soft-touch comfort, retractable stand, shock absorbent and finger-pad control. This case is backed with fabric for comfort, and it is pixilated and textured for high grip.

Speck Card Holder for iPhone 5
Speck Card Holder for iPhone 5

The cheery colors of Speck SmartFlex Card iPhone 5 cases can make customers happy in addition to the card holding facility. According to the opinion of users, this case can hold three thick credit cards and one thin driving license. Button shaped raises made out of plastic will cover the wake/sleep/volume buttons and makes pressing a little harder. Speck has given only a small opening for headphone/lightning ports which will not be suitable for bulky jack.

Customers can rely on the quality as it has not been compromised by Speck. The SmartFlex Card iPhone 5 case is considered to be evolved from the CandyShell card. This case strongly holds iPhone 5 and can easily be inserted and removed. The case will fully cover all edges of the device and comes in a slimmer package. But the bottom edge of the review unit sits unevenly against the frame of the iPhone. A plastic stand of 2.25 inch supports the iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation.

SmartFlex Card for iPhone 5
SmartFlex Card for iPhone 5

Users can consider the Speck SmartFlex Card iPhone 5 case as more than just a phone case. But it is said to be more expensive when compared to the competitor’s price. Most of the customers disagree with the packaging description ‘quick wallet alternative’ because it cannot be used on a daily basis. The use of quality materials for manufacture is an advantage of this product but the price charged needs more clarification.

Speck SmartFlex Card iPhone 5 case can be removed easily as and when required. The ratings are low for this product mainly because of its price. But it has protective quality with attractive looks as claimed by Speck. SmartFlex card cannot prevent the iPhone from demagnetizing RFID cards such as train or bus pass, while other IDs and credit cards are not affected. Users need to carry all transit passes separately.

Apart from all the mixed reviews, the Speck SmartFlex Card iPhone 5 case can be considered as an attractive and protective cover for iPhone 5 with some additional feature offerings. Users can keep money and major cards tucked inside this case, and they will be able to avoid wallets on at least some occasions.

Speck SmartFlex Card (retails for Php1200) is available at the following Resellers: Abenson, A. Shop, Avant, Beyond the Box, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Electroworld, E-Central, Futureworld, Gadgets In Style, iBook, iCenter, iGig, iStore, iShop, iStudio, Liteware, Mobile 1, Powerhub, Senco Link, Silicon Valley, Switch, Technoholics, TechSavvy and The Inbox Store.

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