Cyprus Travel: Gets Back To Normal For Tourists

Cyprus has been much in the news recently as the focus for the fallout of the banking crisis shifted to the island. With withdrawal limits imposed at some ATMs and debit and credit card payments restricted, Cyprus Travel wasn’t exactly a welcoming one for tourists.

Cyprus Travel Ledra Street in Cyprus
Ledra Street in Cyprus (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Cyprus Travel and Tourism News

Residents had been up in arms about the plans to impose a tax on their savings as part of conditions for a bank bailout and the media carried scenes of angry crowds demonstrating outside banks and government offices. So it was no surprise that the island saw a 43% fall in bookings during March due to the bad publicity – but could it be on the road to recovery?

Back to normal

Thankfully, Cyprus Travel Industry now seem to have gone back to normal and the tide has turned as confidence has returned for British holidaymakers. Some travel operators even reported a 100% rise in bookings in March and April.

Cyprus Travel companies always react to shifts in demand with some great offers and as the summer is the best time to visit Cyprus there are some great bargains to be had right now. With the banks functioning normally and no withdrawal limits from UK bank accounts, all businesses are once again accepting card payments so anyone thinking of taking a holiday on the island has absolutely nothing to worry about.

Popular choices

Cyprus villas are one of the most popular types of accommodation for visitors to the island. With a wide range of attractions ranging from the contemporary to the truly ancient, renting a villa is a great way to plan a stay with a schedule that is exactly right for you.

Ideal for a sun soaked getaway, the glorious sandy beaches combine with stretches of rugged coastline to give as much privacy as you need. Elsewhere on the island forest-clad mountains and hills make a perfect backdrop for stunning natural landscapes that remain untouched by commercialisation.


The classic traditional lifestyles of the islanders live on today, with villages filled with winding streets dotted around and offering a true taste of the Cyprus of old.

The neatly terraced vineyards and olive groves show that man’s influence on the land goes back thousands of years but it also displays a sympathetic approach that is far removed from the over construction that has blighted many other popular holiday destinations.


Cyprus has a cultural heritage that is virtually unrivalled. Ancient monuments and sites of interest are to be found all over the island, some stretching back almost 10,000 years.

Open air museums are a feature possible because of the wonderful climate and they are filled with relics including Greek temples, Roman mosaics and 15th-century frescoes. More recent history is there too, with churches, monasteries, castles

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