Top 8 Beach Destinations in Batangas

Beach Destinations in Batangas

The Southern Tagalog Region, specifically in the province of Batangas, will not become a famous tourist destination without its fair share of many beautiful beaches. Showcasing natural landscapes common in the tropic, beach resorts in Batangas are some of the places that tourists will surely love and have a good time with. If you are looking for a beach destination near Metro Manila then you should check out these must-visit beach resorts in Batangas.

Acuatico Beach Resort in Laiya Batangas Beach Destinations
Acuatico Beach Resort in Laiya Batangas – Beach Destinations

It’s a perfect vacation destination for individuals, couples, family, or with friends. The towns of San Juan, Mabini, Calatagan, Lian, Lobo, and Nasugbu are known to be the specific places to go to for its famous Batangas beach resorts.

Each town may have as many known beach destinations, but to give you an idea which is the best per area, the following list are personally hand-picked as the top 8 beach destinations in Batangas.

San Juan Batangas Beach Resorts

Beach resorts: Palm Beach Resort (check rates), Blue Coral Beach Resort, Acuatico Beach Resort (check rates), Taramindu Beach Garden Inn, Sabangan Beach Resort, and Kabayan Beach Resort.

Sabangan Beach Resort
Sabangan Beach Resort (photo courtesy of

Kabayan Beach Resort

Possibly the most well-known beach destination in San Juan, Batangas. Kabayan Beach Resort has the biggest grounds among resorts around Laiya. Its big trees give shades to the scorching sun keeping you feel refreshed during the hot and humid day. What sets apart probably from other beach resorts in the area is that there’s no boring moment while you are there. It has an aviary with colorful birds to observe. There is also a sanctuary for pawikans (Philippine sea turtles) and if you are lucky, you can witness the releasing of turtles back to their habitat.

Mabini Famed Dive Sites in Batangas

Eagle Point Resort
Eagle Point Resort (photo courtesy of

Beach resorts: Dive Solana Anilao, Eagle Point Resort, Portulano Dive Resort, Anilao Outrigger Resort, Planet Dive, Casita Ysabel, and Vistamar Beach Resort & Hotel.

Dive Solana Anilao

Recognized all over the world for scuba diving and snorkeling, Dive Solana Anilao is a favorite weekend getaway for divers and beach lovers. What’s more exciting about the place is that at a few meters from the resort you will see corals and fishes which are abundant even at low depths.

Planet Dive (check rates)

As an alternative to Dive Solana Anilao, Planet Dive is great for diving and snorkeling and is a diving hangout for its tourists. It is also popularly known for its Twin Rocks, one of the most loved dive sites which is just across the shore.

Lian Batangas Famous Matabungkay Vacation

Matabungkay Beach Resort
Matabungkay Beach Resort

Beach resorts: Matabungkay Beach Resort & Hotel and Coral Beach Club

Matabungkay Beach Resort (check rates)

Having in business for an estimated 30 years or so, Matabungkay Beach Resort is still well-maintained to this day. More than just a beach resort experience, it also offers a day trip to Fortune Island which vacationers may love. The beach featuring its white sands (not as white as Boracay though) and clear waters nearby is safe for the most parts for being shallow, even in high tides.

Nasugbu Paramount Batangas Beach Resorts

Canyon Cove Beach Resort
Canyon Cove Beach Resort

Beach resorts: Canyon Cove Beach Resort, Maya-Maya Beach Resort, and Munting Buhangin Beach Camp.

Munting Buhangin Beach Camp

Situated in one of the captivating coves in the town of Nasugbu in Batangas, Munting Buhangin Beach Camp is a mere two and half-hours to three hours’ drive from Manila. It is also an ideal for nature lovers for its exotic faunas and floras when trekking inside the forest nearby. In it you will learn to build a tent, learn survival courses and other camp activities.

Calatagan Batangas Beach Resorts

Beach resorts: Golden Sunset Resort, Lago de Oro Beach Resort, Rosegold Beach Resort & Hotel, and Sunrise Cove

Sunrise Cove

Known for its surrounding nature, mountain ranges, and panoramic seascape view, Sunrise cove in Calatagan sits on a well-secured spacious property. It is an ideal beach destination especially for those who like an outdoor getaway. Discover the nearby mangroves of Bagong Silang and its neighboring barrios. Go crab hunting and eat your harvests at your dinner table.

Lobo Undiscovered Batangas Beach Resorts

Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort
Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort (photo courtesy of Punta Malabrigo Beach FB Page)

Beach resort: Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort, Honey Beach Resort, Submarine & Lily Beach, Gerthel Beach Resort and Almalin Beach Resort.

Gerthel Beach Resort

Said to be the most popular beach resort in Lobo, Batangas, Gerthel Beach Resort is known for its white sands, clear waters, and many pine trees in the area.

Tingloy Batangas Beaches

Beach resort: Tingloy Batangas Beach

Tingloy Batangas Beach

Last but definitely not the least, here’s one of the beaches in Batangas that is really worth visiting. If you are wanting your vacation to be one that is adventurous, then Tingloy Batangas Beach should be your destination. It is an island beach vacation getaway on the island of Tingloy, a radish-shaped island located just south of Batangas. The island boasts of its fine white sand beaches and clean, clear blue waters. Its shallow waters is also perfect for diving with its lush green coral gardens, ample pelagic fish, and shipwrecks which are great for underwater photos.

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    Truly that Batangas is a blessed place for the awesome beach
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  2. Myrie Marquez says

    This list is spot on! There is certainly no shortage of places to stay in and around the province of Batangas depending on the objective of your visit. If you want the best diving spot, go to Anilao. If you like pristine waters, fine, white sand beaches and awesome beach resorts, go to Laiya San Juan Batangas.

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