Travel Gadget : Soundfreaq Sound Kick Review

Soundfreaq Sound Kick has become a notable gadget in the music world. This Bluetooth speaker is out with an attractive design and compact nature. This portable gadget sounds decent and delivers loud voice which is best compared to its size. This is not the first Bluetooth device from the company as it was out with similar gadgets before also.

Users can enjoy up to 7 hours of play back time with the help of a built-in rechargeable battery. It comes equipped with a USB port by which portable devices and smartphones can be charged. The back portion of the device which is referred to as Xkick chamber can be retracted while not in use making the footprint smaller.

Soundfreaq SoundKick
Soundfreaq SoundKick

Certain users are not much impressive with the fact that it doesn’t feature speakerphone capability and the sound produced is a little bit thin. The Xkick bass chamber with this device can be easily converted to suit the capability of a stand. The rubberized feet makes the device firmly stand on that and is expected to enhance bass performance as well. Even though it is portable, the device is comparatively bigger while considering other Bluetooth speakers of the same price range.

The portability nature of this Soundfreaq Sound Kick speaker is supported by the fact that it weighs just 1.62 pounds which means you can bring this in your out of town trips. And also it is substantial enough to give a feel that it is not a cheap element. The overall design and construction is quite impressive while its edges seems a little bit pointy giving an idea that it cant afford a reasonable fall.

Soundfreaq Review
Soundfreaq Review

The Soundfreaq Sound Kick speaker can be set up easily to stream music wirelessly from any of the A2DP Bluetooth-enabled devices. This gives an idea like users can enjoy streaming music from most of the popular smartphones including the giant iPhone or else iPad also. Some of the notable exceptions where users can’t make a choice include Kindle Fire and also the Nook Tablet.

There are also options for connecting with the devices which do not offer Bluetooth connectivity. This is made possible with the help of an auxiliary input, 3.5mm cable which is placed at the back of the device. You can see a USB charging port on top of that auxiliary input. You have options to charge other portable devices when the device is running with the battery or else if the AC adapter is plugged. And also the volume level should be at least set below 70 percent. A green light indicates the status like the device is ready for charging or not.

The buttons on top of the device are touch-sensitive delivering good user convenience. The unit’s built in battery can be charged with the help of AC adapter. The earlier mentioned 7 hours of music play back time can be utilized with just one charge. The device has a free remote app for Android and also iOS devices.

We can conclude that Soundfreaq Sound Kick is a good value gadget with attractive design and offers good performance fit for its size. This good quality sound and nice features can be enjoyed by spending a comfortable price of a little under P5,000.

Soundfreaq SoundKick is available at: Beyond The Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Gadgets In Style, Gui i Davao, Heima, iCenter – Davao, iStudio, Mobile 1, Power Hub – Davao, Power Mac Center, Switch, Technoholics and Xsite Mobile.

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