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Travel Gadget: Black Eye Fisheye Lens Review

Black Eye Fisheye Lens

Black Eye Fisheye Lens Review: A Gadget For Smartphone Camera Enthusiasts

The Black Eye Fisheye Lens is one of the newest smartphone accessories to make your picture-taking experience even better. Currently being used by smartphone camera enthusiasts, the attachment adds a certain degree of art into every single shot.

Black Eye Fisheye Lens
Black Eye Fisheye Lens

How it Works

The Fisheye Lens is remarkably easy to use. It’s basically a clip system that you can attach to the camera of your phone, either the front or the back portion. It’s universal so you can use it for any smartphone type and still get excellent results. Once you’ve clipped it on, flick on the camera and start taking pictures through your brand new lenses.

Black Eye Fisheye Lens
Black Eye Fisheye Lens

Fish Eye Lens Benefits

The Fish Eye Lens is the perfect choice if you want to make long-lasting and infinitely hilarious memories. Here are some of the benefits of using this lens for all your pictures:

  • The lens improves the quality of the images, creating images with almost perfect clarity. Even with a low MP camera phone, you should be able to get Instagram-worthy pictures
  • The fish eye effect is automatic and requires zero editing on your part. This helps enhance images and present a different view of old-school sceneries, putting a new twist on your pictures.
  • There’s also the fact that fish eye lenses add a bit of fun and creativity into your pictures. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using it for people, places, or food – all shots will look great
  • Once you’ve taken a fish eye image, you can instantly upload it to your social media of choice without any editing.
  • The lens equipment means that you don’t have to install anything new or memory draining in your phone

Of course, those are just some of the benefits of the lens. Don’t forget that Black Eye also offers this product at a reasonably low cost.

Church in Bohol photo taken using fisheye lens
Church in Bohol photo taken using fisheye lens
Group Shot inside AirAsia Aircraft
Group Shot inside AirAsia Aircraft

What’s in the Box?

The Black Eye lenses are available in both Fish Eye Lens and Wide Angle Lens. You can choose between the two when making your purchase or simply opt for one, depending on your personal preferences. The box also contains a carrier pouch and a lens cap to keep the glass protected. This way, you can be sure that they remain crystal clear and scratch free even if you’re away on vacation.


All in all, the Fish Eye Lens from Black Eye is an excellent addition for all smartphone photographers. If you want to make each shot phenomenal without being bogged down by so much stuff and equipment, this is by far the best item to have in your bag.

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