Tourism Movers: Mina Gervacio of Radisson Blu Cebu

If you’ve noticed something different about the way you are thinking of the Radisson Blu Cebu, we can tell you what is different. The property hasn’t changed so much as the way it is being marketed and that is a direct result of the new Assistant Director for Marketing and Communications at the flagship hotel of Carlson Hotels in the Asia Pacific region.

marketing communications radisson cebu
Mina Gervacio

Ms. Mina Gervacio brings her years of marketing and hotel experience to the Radisson Blu Cebu along with a style and passion that have really sparked things up since her arrival. Coming from postings at the Heritage Hotel of Manila and Millenium and Copthorne, Ms Gervacio brings here extensive network of connections throughout Southeast Asia as well as her unique marketing skills to Cebu’s most celebrated new property.

Ms Gervavio waxed enthusiastic about her new employer, “The Radisson Blu Cebu is positioned as the premier and preferred 5-Star Hotel in Asia-Pacific.”

Mina Gervacio @ Radisson Blu Cebu
Mina Gervacio @ Radisson Blu Cebu

With a Cum Laude degree in communications and a background in broadcasting and marketing, Ms. Gervacio is bringing the same colorful artistry to the Radisson Blu Cebu that she became known for at the Heritage Hotel Manila. From bringing about knowledge of work and leisure advantages to getting the property involved in festivals, events, and foreign embassies and tourist commissions. Already she has made significant connections with the USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore as well as boosting the name recognition and branding within the Philippines.

But that’s not all. Ms. Gervacio is a bit of a celebrity herself and acted as the co-emcee for Singapore Armed Forces Day of Malaysian television and in conjunction with the Malaysian Embassy. At her previous job she was selected twice as Model Supervisor of the Year or Model Employee of the Month in the Mabuhay Awards. In addtion, she is a two term member of the Board of Trustee for the Philippine Association of National Advertisers and a frequent guest lecturer at foundations and universities. She is an advocate for women and a lover of the arts and as such, you can be sure that you will be seeing more cultural oriented programs coming to the Radisson Blu Cebu.

From editing coffee table books to traveling in her free time to working in both the hotel and tourism industry and finance, Ms. Gervacio has led and continues to lead a busy life and career.

The Radisson Blu Cebu is managed by Carlson, the global hospitality and travel company with 1,068 hotels in 77 countries, For inquiries and reservations, please call Manila Office at (+63 2) 555-1071 to 76 or direct to Radisson Blu Cebu (+63 32) 402-9900 or visit for Best Rate Guarantee.

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  2. Austin says

    I have heard lot about Carlson, and their success stories. and no doubt Ms. Gervacio has a brilliant personality.

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