Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar: The Most Affordable Ramen in Town

It was in 1985 – the year before the historic Edsa Revolution when Tokyo Tokyo was founded in Makati’s Quad Car Park (now Glorietta). While other Japanese restaurants at that time focused on delivering more traditional experiences, Tokyo Tokyo strove to give its customers a modern, mainstream approach to Japanese cuisine.

Braised Pork Ramen
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Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar

To continue the tradition of satisfying Filipino’s with their affordable Japanese Cuisine, they recently launched Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar. Apart from maki, tempura, and tonkatsu, everyone can now enjoy Ramen at a very affordable price. Through its new Ramen Bar, Tokyo Tokyo is doing the same for the ramen craze sweeping the nation, letting all Filipinos get a bowlful of top-quality ramen wherever they want, and at any budget.

Tokyo Tokyo Ramen
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With a help of a Japanese ramen master, Tokyo Tokyo research and development team is introducing their new Ramen with authentic Japanese flavors. The three exciting ramen flavors are: Braised Pork, Spicy Chicken, and Tempura Miso. Initially offered in Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar in Trinoma, there are now 20 stores serving Ramen since October 2012, with 30 more launching in the second half of 2013.

The key to Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar’s booming popularity lies in the quality of its components. The tonkotsu broth is slow-cooked for at least 24 hours in Japanese hagamas, extracting every single drop of flavor from the base ingredients. Ramen noodles are freshly-made, giving each mouthful just the right amount of bite.

Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar
Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar

Premium-quality toppings, such as tender pork cutlets, succulent chicken cuts glazed in a spicy-sweet teriyaki sauce, and delightfully crisp prawn tempura, serve as a focal point for other traditional flavors. Even the restaurant’s gyoza, Ramen’s most familiar pairing, is made according to authentic standards: soft, savory, and chewy with a delightfully crisp underside.

Thanks to the Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar, high-quality ramen is no longer limited to specialty shops with a limited number of branches. Even better, customers can get their ramen at a fraction of the cost, compared to other restaurants: just PHP99 for a snack-sized bowl, and PHP150 for a full serving. Pinoys hungry for a bowl of piping-hot goodness will soon be able to choose from 50 locations around the country and enjoy authentic Japanese ramen at wallet-friendly prices.

Tokyo Tokyo Ramen Bar is located at Trinoma; SM Southmall; Net Lima, The Fort; SM Megamall; People Support Ayala; Greenbelt; Market Market; SM Baguio; SM Fairview; SM North EDSA Annex; and opening soon in July 2013 at SM North EDSA Main, SM San Lazaro, SM Manila, Greenhills, Harbor Point Subic, Robinsons Pioneer, Ali Mall, Festival Mall, SM Dasmarinas, and SM Bicutan.

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