Cadlao Island: El Nido Island Hopping Tour D

Island Hopping in El Nido is subdivided into 4 categories A,B,C and D. Among the four El Nido Island Hopping Tour Packages, Tour D is the least popular due to Cadlao Islands proximity to the town proper. Some brave backpackers prefers to tour around Cadlao Island by kayak except when the weather is not cooperative for kayaking.

Clear Waters of Cadlao Lagoon
Clear Waters of Cadlao Lagoon

Exploring Cadlao Island: El Nido Island Hopping Tour D

Island hopping in El Nido Palawan allows you to see different lagoons, beaches, Caves and beautiful marine life. Among the islands in El Nido, Cadlao Island has the highest peak at 609 meters above sea level. It is also the largest island in El Nido with a land area of 1,006 hectares.

Secret Cove in Paradise Beach
Secret Cove in Paradise Beach

Since the tour was not available in most tour operators I have contacted, I decided to rent a small boat worth P1,500 to tour me around Cadlao Island and other islets included in Tour D.

Pasadingan Beach
Pasandingan Beach

Our first stop was in Pasandigan Beach. This is one of the coves located in Cadlao Island. Since this beach cove is less crowded, I really enjoyed swimming and snorkeling in the area.

Cadlao Lagoon
Cadlao Lagoon

Similar to Big Lagoon, Cadlao Lagoon is surrounded by lime rock walls with deep emerald waters that is perfect for snorkeling and swimming. Cadlao Lagoon is fronting the famous dive site Helicopter Island.

Picnic Lunch at Cadlao Lagoon
Picnic Lunch at Cadlao Lagoon

Since its already noon time, we stayed in Cadlao lagoon for an hour for our lunch. Just like the usual Island Hopping tour, my boat rental is inclusive of lunch. I really like the idea of eating freshly grilled food in the island but I just hope that boatmens and tour operators are responsible enough to clean the area after cooking.

Paradise Beach
Paradise Beach

Our third stop was in Helicopter Island, this island is not usually included in Tour D but since I rented the boat, I was able to request for a short stop in Dilumacad Island – one of my favorite islands in El Nido.

Paradise Beach in Cadlao Island
Paradise Beach in Cadlao Island

After Helicopter Island, we visited Paradise Beach, another cove in Cadlao Island that has a small strip of beach. It is famous for its fine white sand beach shaded by coconut trees – truly the best example of a tropical paradise.

Helicopter Island
Helicopter Island

Our last stop was Bucal Island – a small island located beside Cadlao Island. Another island with a nice small stretch of white sand beach but is usually crowded by locals. Its not as clean as the beach coves found in Cadlao Island though but it was also a must visit.

Bucal Island
Bucal Island

El Nido Island Hopping Tips

  • Bring your own trash bag
  • Bring your own snorkeling equipment for hygienic purposes
  • Dont wear too much sunblock while snorkelling
  • Make sure your guide is a local to help create more jobs for the local community
  • Be sure that your tour guide has a first aid kit
  • Always wear a life vest while inside the boat
  • Do not to step on the corals

For more information and tips on how to explore El Nido in Palawan, visit our El Nido Palawan Travel Guide. Checkout this page for hotels in Palawan.
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