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Honda Cars Philippines promotes Eco-Safe Driving


The transport sector is held responsible for 23% of global energy?related CO2 emissions, and consumes nearly 60% of the world’s petroleum supply, of which 80% goes to road transport.  One LCA (life cycle assessment) study indicates that in a vehicles’ life, usage accounts for 83% of CO2 emissions. And for every liter of gasoline burned, about 2.4 Kg of CO2 is released into the atmosphere. Moreover, air pollution primarily from road?unworthy vehicles continues to take toll on human health.

1M Blue First Year Anniversary with Bloggers
1M Blue First Year Anniversary with Bloggers

These are the most compelling reasons for individuals and fleets to maximize their fuel mileage through eco?safe driving and preventive maintenance. On top of fuel savings, we also address road safety issues.

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In order to make these facts clear to as many people as possible, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), together with 11 other organizations, initiated the 1’M Blue campaign, touting the motto “Blue Skies for Our Children”, a reference to the notoriously grey, yellow, or whitish-brown skies where air pollution is especially thick and toxic.

Bloggers before the Honda Test Drive
Bloggers before the Honda Test Drive

We recently visited the HCPI Plant in Santa Rosa Laguna to learn about the 1’M Blue Eco-Safe Driving initiative supported by Honda. We had a short tour around the manufacturing plant and we were impressed on how Honda was able to effectively do their waste water management and their fuel / electricity efficiency consumption efforts are also exceptional.

1’M Blue is designed to be a multi-pronged effort. First, Honda hopes to change the way that drivers behave in order to reduce vehicle emissions and fuel consumption. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce these problems by as much as 20%, such as avoiding idling, speeding up and slowing down smoothly and slowly, planning trips so you don’t do a lot of aimless loops and backtracking, and getting regular maintenance done on schedule.

Introduction about IM Blue Campaign
Introduction about IM Blue Campaign

These things are not that hard to do, but they could save you 20% of your fuel costs. Of course, buying a more fuel efficient car, like the Honda Civic, can also save you money while reducing the carbon emissions you’re responsible for.

These kinds of changes need to be encouraged through education, which is going to be the biggest challenge for 1’M Blue. There are over 6 million registered vehicle owners in the Philippines. 1’M Blue has started already by training the employees of government agencies. The program started in 2010 and uses the Clean Fleet Management Toolkit developed by the United Nations Environment Program.

Bloggers for 1M Blue Campaign
Bloggers for 1M Blue Campaign

The fact is, we should be paying more attention to what we’re doing. The kinds of changes we need to make are not that complicated, and yet so many people remain ignorant of what they’re doing and the effect they’re having on our country and it’s people. People die in the Philippines every day because of irresponsible driving, not to mention the effects of air pollution to us most importantly to our children.

The 1’M Blue Campaign seeks one million drivers who will commit to practice eco-safe driving in the Philippines to help address air pollution, climate change and energy sustainability.

Let’s Drive for Blue Skies!

Learn, share and support! Visit www.facebook.com/1MBlue, www.youtube.com/1MBlueCampaign.

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