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Top 15 Best Things to Do in Mauritius

What are the Top Tourist Attractions to Visit in Mauritius?

Amazing white beaches of Mauritius island pictures via DepositPhotos

Mauritius Bucket List: Amazing Places to Visit in Mauritius

Mauritius is an island nation located off the coast of Eastern Africa. For many decades, the nation has been a premium travel destination, competing with the Maldives, the Cook Islands, Hawaii, and Seychelles.

The main islands in the nation are Mauritius and Rodrigues, but numerous smaller, outer islands form the Mascarene Islands.

Beach in Mauritius by Guillaume Baudusseau via unsplash
Beach in Mauritius by Guillaume Baudusseau via Unsplash

Mauritius is a paradise on earth, with incredible silver beaches, excellent blue water, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a gently sloping landscape with eucalyptus and ebony, and many more attractions packed in the small islands. The list below comprises what you can do and see in Mauritius.

Explore Port Louis

Port Louis in Mauritius
Port Louis in Mauritius

You will land in Port Louis, Mauritius’s capital and a populous city. This seaport city has many things to do and see that it can cover more than a day.

The bazaar or central market, for example, is a beautiful place to visit and interact with the locals. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, local spices, foods, souvenirs, crafts, artworks, etc.

The city also has a theater to watch some live performances in the evening.

Visit China Town

Chinese Festival in Mauritius Chinatown
Chinese Festival in Mauritius Chinatown

Many cities around the world have their own unique versions of Chinatown. You have probably visited a number of them.

Port Louis’s Chinatown is quite different from any Chinatown you have ever visited. It plays a vital role in the life and culture of the city. Here you will experience the rich merchant life and tradition of the Chinese people.

There are also many restaurants and shops with a distinct flavor and taste you can only experience here.

Go deep-sea fishing

Fresh Catch in Mauritius via Depositphotos
Fresh Catch in Mauritius via DepositphotosTunnys is one of the most important sea fish.

With its clear water bays and diversity of marine life, deep-sea fishing is one of Mauritius’s most popular activities.

The best part is that no experience is required, and you could catch some of the biggest fish on the island, such as blue marlin.

Interact with the locals at Caudan Waterfront

Caudan Waterfront In Port Louis photo via Depositphotos
Caudan Waterfront In Port Louis photo via Depositphotos

Besides the central market and the streets of Port Louis, the Cuadan Waterfront is another excellent place to meet the locals and other tourists.

The place is usually vibrant with street performances and arrays of food stalls.

There are also some ancient buildings that you can visit, such as The Stamp Museum, Blue Penny Museum, and the Mauritius Natural History Museum.

Discover the rich local culture in Mahebourg

Mahebourg Museum in Mauritius
Mahebourg Museum in Mauritius

Though it remains hugely underdeveloped, Mauritius’s southern ears are a must-visit if you are on the island.

This area has a very small stretch of sand beach and, as such, receives few visitors, leaving most of its untouched.

It is ideal for experiencing true Mauritanian life while enjoying some of the uninhabited lands on the island.

See the colorful coral reef at Ile Aux Aigrettes.

Located in Mauritius’s southern region, Ile Au Aigrettes is one of the best-hidden gems on the island with its unique ancient calcareous coral reef that is pretty covered by soil and sand.

The area is known worldwide because of its native plants and was declared by Mauritius’s government in 1965 as a nature reserve.

Here you will see some of the world’s rarest birds, like the pink pigeon and kestrel, and animals such as the Green Gecko Phelsuma and giant tortoise Aldabra.

Have fun at Grand Bay

Grand Bay Village Mauritius pictures via Depositphotos
Grand Bay Village Mauritius pictures via Depositphotos

The Grand Bay is where everyone on the island goes for an action-packed night. This place has some of Mauritius’s finest restaurants, discos, bars, and shops.

The islet has something for everyone. If you want a crazy, vibrant night, you can hop into one of the discos and bars, whereas if you just want some quiet time, you can head over to one of the less crowded beaches, such as La Cuvette.

Visit the island’s two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Mauritius has two world heritage sites, Le Morne Cultural Landscape and Aapravasi Ghat, which are beautiful sights that should not be missed.

Le Morne Cultural Landscape
Le Morne Cultural Landscape

The two sites have significant historical importance to the people of Mauritius. For instance, Aapravasi Ghat is where the indentured slaves from India landed in 1843 after the abolition of slavery.

On the other hand, Le Morne Landscape is a jagged mountain that protrudes into the ocean and is used as a shelter by escaped slaves.

Safari at Casela Nature Park photo via Depositphotos
Safari at Casela Nature Park photo via Depositphotos

Explore the marine life at Blue Bay Marine Park

The Blue Bay Marine Park is the perfect place to explore the marine life of Mauritius.

It is located on the island’s southeastern shore and is close to many restaurants and the main airport.

You can snorkel, scuba dive, sail, surf, or just swim in the clear water and sunbathe.

Enjoy horse racing in Champs de Mars

Champs de Mars Mauritius
Champs de Mars Mauritius

Despite being one of the oldest horse racing tracks globally and oldest in the southern hemisphere, Champs de Mars still has the charm of any major racing track worldwide.

Besides watching the race, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful Pamplemousses Garden, regarded as one of the most beautiful botanical gardens globally.

Birdwatch at Casela Nature Park

Bird Watching in Mauritius
Bird Watching in Mauritius

One of Mauritius’s most famous attractions is the Casela Wildlife Park, which houses over 140 birds from across the world.

A park is an ideal place for birdwatchers to enjoy different migratory and indigenous birds on the island and watch animals such as tigers, deer, and lions.

Visit the Flacq District

Flacq village is located in the eastern region of the island. It is where you can meet many locals, primarily due to the large market found here.

The market is quite vibrant and colorful and worth checking out.

Explore Dutch and Balaclava Ruins

The Dutch and Balaclava Ruins should be on your Mauritius bucket list for historians.

The Dutch Ruins are the remains of what used to be a powerful Dutch fortification on the island, while the Balaclava Ruins form parts of an old estate built originally by Mahe de Labourdonnais.

You can explore the original ocean walls used to shield the estate.

Check out the Hindu Tempe in Triolet

Maheswarnath Mandir Vishnu Temple in Mauritius by Carrotmadman6 via Wikipedia CC
Maheswarnath Mandir Vishnu Temple in Mauritius By carrotmadman6 from Mauritius – DSCN1343_2, CC BY 2.0, CC

The Maheswarnath Mandir temple in Triolet village is the largest Hindu temple on the island.

It was built in 1819 for Krishna, Shiva, Murugan, Vishnu, Ganesha, and Brahma.

Relax at Flic en Flac Beach

Mauritius is known for its many stunning beaches, but I recommend it the best.

Flic en Flac lies on the island’s western side and is lined with hotels, restaurants, bars, and other tourist amenities such as spas and sports facilities.

Amazing white beaches of Mauritius island pictures via DepositPhotos
Amazing white beaches of Mauritius island pictures via DepositPhotos

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Mauritius Travel and Tour Packages

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We also listed some of the best travel and tour packages and excellent flight deals and accommodation.

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