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Top 5 Best Things to Do in Galapagos Islands

What are the top tourist spots in Galapagos Islands?

View from Bartolome Island photo via Depositphotos

Bucket List: 8 Best Places to Visit in Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Traveling to Galapagos Island – a famous archipelago in the Pacific Ocean – is a stirring reverie. In fact, it was Charles Darwin’s inspiration while writing his theory of evolution by natural selection.

One may define their Galapagos Island experience as memorable, from the unique wildlife, rich marine life, flora and fauna, must-heard folklores, pristine beaches, and remoteness. It’s famous for all the right reasons, and we’re here to share with you the best things to do in Galapagos Islands if you plan to include this on your bucket list. Enjoy reading.

Experience its rich wildlife

Iguana in Galapagos Islands
Iguana in Galapagos Islands

The first thing to do in Galapagos Islands is to explore its fascinating creatures you can’t find elsewhere in other countries. It’s home to many species, including the marine iguana, blue-footed booby, waved albatrosses, and the Galápagos tortoise, the largest living species of tortoise with lifespans in the wild of over 100-150 years.

Up-close encounters with the species – no matter which island you visit – are among the most talked-about activities here. You can take selfies with the very docile tortoise, swim with the sea turtles, sunbathe with sea lions, and even snorkel with penguins.

Always remember to take a respectful distance when interacting with these animals.

Relax on one of their pristine beaches

Playa Punta Carola in Galapagos
Playa Punta Carola in Galapagos

Yes, up-close encounters with its endemic species may be a lifetime experience, but it is strolling on their pristine beaches too!

Beaches in Galapagos are way different from those in Ibiza or in Bali. Here, beaches are calm, uncrowded, and laid back. You may even see sea lions darting the shores.

You need to check out such beaches, including Gardner Bay on the island’s eastern side, Suarez Point, and the Osborn Islet, the perfect place to swim and snorkel.

Watch turtles lay eggs at Tortuga Bay

Tortuga Bay photo via Depositphotos
Tortuga Bay photo via Depositphotos

Consider yourself lucky if you can catch a turtle coming ashore to lay eggs like Tortuga Bay. However, it is only accessible via dry landing.

Watching these fantastic species lay eggs can be life-changing, and a tour here at this place is a great idea. You can either walk from the town, surf, kayak or just plainly interact with the creatures you encounter on the beach. Definitely, the perfect spot to birdwatch as well!

Book a Galapagos Cruise Tour

Galapagos Cruise Tour
Galapagos Cruise Tour

If you’re traveling with your family or a huge group of friends, you can also book a Galapagos Cruise Tour, which is excellent since they cover all points of interest on the island, with a maximum of four days. Depending on the boat you choose, some boats offer a diving program to show you these fantastic underwater spots in the archipelago.

However, if you have a budget a want a more luxurious ambiance while touring the island, try booking a luxury boat equipped with large suites, a Jacuzzi, a huge sun deck, and a private balcony for each of the spacious staterooms.

Inland Hikes

View from Bartolome Island photo via Depositphotos
View from Bartolome Island photo via Depositphotos

If you feel seasick from the cruise, you can also try short hikes to some of the island’s unique landscapes. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes and visit these surreal places, from Bartolome Island, known for its steep climb due to its rocky landscape.

It is one of the most photographed sites and the perfect place for birdwatching on the island, making this one for the books. Watch out for Galapagos Penguins, herons, and Galapagos Hawks. You can also expect to see penguins, sea turtles, sharks, and rays.

When to Visit

Wildlife on Galapagos Islands is pretty much the same all year round, with two seasons, wet and dry. However, if you prefer a warmer season, you can choose to visit between December and May but expect some rain showers in the afternoon at times. You can coordinate with your nearest travel agency for tours as the government limits visitors’ numbers to protect and keep the island’s peaceful state.

Because of its remoteness and exclusivity, this destination is unique and will bring out your adventurous side. Include this on your travel bucket list, and be prepared with its life-altering views.

Galapagos Islands Travel and Tour Packages

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