Cauayan Bucket List: Top 8 Best Things to do In Cauayan, Isabela

Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church in Cauayan City, Isabela

Best Things to do In Cauayan, Isabela, Philippines

Cauayan is a third-class city in Isabela, Philippines with a population of only 129, 523 people as of 2015. It was founded on September 8, 1739, and was the first townsite of the province. It was famous in the Spanish regime as a part of the tobacco industry and the heart of the economy of the province due to being bordered by 7 towns.

Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church in Cauayan City, Isabela
Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church in Cauayan City, Isabela

The city has a domestic airport which serves as the gateway for international cargo and local flights. The tourism of Cauayan City is beginning to pick up its pace and tourists are now curious to find about what this part of Isabela has in store. The influence of the Spaniards that made the city rich with history as well as the local and the unmatched beauty of Cauayan make it worthy of your next vacation escapade.

Heres our Top 8 best things to do in Cauayan City in Isabela.

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Attend Gawagaway-yan Festival

Gawagaway-yan Festival photo via FB Page
Gawagaway-yan Festival photo via FB Page

It’s time to appreciate a bountiful harvest and celebrate the ethnolinguistic groups of Cauayan. The festival is a two-week long event which commemorates its cityhood and honors the fruits of hard labor and the people there. During the festival, tourists can attend the thanksgiving mass or watch street dancing, free concerts and the battle of the bands. They also hold sports event and agro-trade fairs which showcase what Cauayan’s agricultural resources are.

Visit Dacuycuy Farm and Buy Local Products

Dacuycuy Farm lets visitors have an in-depth learning experience of the first prawn hatchery farm of the region. One of the things to learn is how giant water prawns are produced and harvested. Aside from finding out about the process, this farm located in Barangay Sillawit houses many kinds of ornamental plants, green Philippines coconut tree, and other fruits.

Go to Cauayan City Showroom

Negosyo Center in Cauayan City photo via FB Page
Negosyo Center in Cauayan City photo via FB Page

The city of Cauayan hosts a number of trees including bamboo and other native trees. It also has a rich agricultural soil that gives many copious harvests. It’s where the locals get their materials to manufacture their artisan products like corn husk bags, furniture, wooden products, native bags, and other native souvenirs. Visitors can check these out at the Go Negosyo Center.

Visit the Mushroom Center

Mushroom Center in Cauayan City
Mushroom Center in Cauayan City

Founded in 2008, the Mushroom Center is the city’s answer to have a product that’s Cauayan’s very own. The center grows several kinds of mushrooms like oyster mushrooms, straw mushrooms, and Ganoderma mushrooms. The center gives tour on the cultivation and other processes of mushroom handling. Visitors can try the Center’s many dishes like mushroom tempura and mushroom spring rolls using the mushrooms they raise.

Go to Hacienda de San Luis

Hacienda de San Luis photo via FB Page
Hacienda de San Luis photo via FB Page

Hacienda de San Luis used to be a real hacienda during the Spanish colonial period which is now a destination for indoor and outdoor activities. It was opened in 2015 and caters to history buffs and adrenaline junkies. The place is the go to place for groups of people like friends and families and even couples. The tour of the hacienda can transport visitors to Cauayan City in 1740. It also offers fantastic views of Cagayan River. The museum inside the hacienda displays learning materials about the production of tobacco in the older days. Eco-tourism Park which is inside the hacienda is where adventure lovers can go wall climbing, rappelling, and zipline which is 250-meter long and 30-feet high zipline.

Visit Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church

Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church photo via Wikipedia CC
Our Lady of the Pillar Parish Church photo via Wikipedia CC

The Lady of the Pillar gives hope and encouragement to weary souls. Going to the church during your vacation in Cauayan can be a pilgrimage of sorts where you can utter a wishful prayer. The church was built in 1741 and has a well-preserved façade which resembles a fortress while having modernized interiors. One of the focal points of the church is the ceiling with its intricate design. There are also several statues of saints that visitors can pay respects to. Pilgrims go here to dedicate their prayers to the miraculous Nuestra Señora del Pilar image.

Go on a Walking Tour of Cauayan

If you live in the city, seeing magnificent views of farms and nature is far-fetched so take the chance to immerse in what Cauayan has to offer. Aside from its nature views, learning workshops and native houses; it’s a place where you can buy local products that are unique to the province. The bountiful harvests of the province can take you to a one-of-a-kind culinary journey. The city being also under the Spanish colonization has some well-preserved colonial structures like the Tabacalera Warehouse.

Go to D’Spot Rail Park

D’Spot Rail Park photo via FB Page
D’Spot Rail Park photo via FB Page

Another one for sports enthusiasts, the Rail Park offers activities for beginners, advanced and professionals. The park measures 200X50 meters with six obstacles courses available. It’s inside Jaycee Farm and has a beach bar, villas and other sports facilities like firing and archery range. It’s located in Barangay San Fermin. The water sports activities there can make anyone’s heart pump but wait until you see the sunset and it will surely take your breath away.

How to Get There from Manila

By Land

Ride the GV Florida Bus from Manila to Cauayan City Central Terminal. That is where you can find different modes of transportations like tricycles, buses, and jeepneys to take you to your destination/s.

By plane

Cebu Pacific flies directly to Cauayan Domestic Airport.

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