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The Top side-line jobs you can do while traveling in Russia

Teach English

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( the overwhelming majority of people, it does seem as though there is a distinct separation between business and pleasure. For work, it is a case of dealing with the daily grind, challenging deadlines, and monotonous traffic jams, while a vacation is only a brief respite from the slog of the day job. However, another way is to combine the two elements together, by getting a position that actually rewards traveling in and of its own sake.

Side-line jobs you can do while traveling in Russia
Side-line jobs you can do while traveling in Russia

Luckily, the world is an open book full of individuals wishing to enhance their own level of English, with billions of learners globally ready and willing to pay for this improvement. Of course, there are methods of going about this process that are more effective and efficient than others, and some will undoubtedly lead to a quicker and smoother path to success than others, so it pays to be aware of the options beforehand. Below is a list of just some of the types of TEFL work that can be done while on the go, as well as some great ideas for getting started.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language in an academy

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Teach English
Teach English

For most, the concept of teaching TEFL is a case of making sure that it is exactly the right choice, and receiving the requisite certification is right at the top of the list of priorities for getting off on the right track. With the pertinent qualification in hand, the prospective TEFL teacher should be able to have their pick of an array of positions that might be available, especially in any one of the growing number of academies that have recently popped up all over Russia.

In Saint Petersburg or the Venice of the North, as it is otherwise known, there are dozens of such academies that cater to the demands of the population of almost 6 million residents, many of whom need English to grow in their personal and professional lives. What is more, several of these are located just a stone’s throw from the city’s most well-known tourist hotspots, such as Nevsky Prospekt, the main thoroughfare of the city. 

It goes without saying that there is security in working in such an environment, safe in the knowledge that the administrators will organize class loads, take care of payments, as well as provide the building and classroom materials. Furthermore, class sizes are usually small, typically running at between six and ten students per group, and these learners have had to pay to be there, making behavior management that much easier to perform.

Private classes

Although TEFL teaching most conventionally takes place in a structured and organized classroom, there is a thriving private market for an extra side hustle in almost every major city in Russia. For these, merely being a native speaker is a huge boon and one that students are willing to pay more for. The reality is that some people just do not feel as comfortable in the environment that a conventional classroom sets up, and for those, it is worth their while to spend more cash to ensure a one-to-one setting with the tutor of their choosing.

Naturally, this is a different kind of teaching than what a budding TEFL instructor might have been trained up for, but it can be invaluable all the same. In Sochi, for instance, there is a massive demand for English, due at least in part to the fact that there is a Formula One Grand Prix held there every year. This sporting event draws huge tourism interest and investment and means that locals wish to be equipped with the strongest possible arsenal of English, in order to cater to a visitor’s every wish.

Also, for a student who is perhaps a touch shy or more reticent to share their ideas with a bunch of complete strangers, the private setting could be the optimal pathway for them to discover their missing confidence and be ready to enter the English speaking world with a flourish. Besides, these students might have very personal and individual needs, such as preparing for a job interview or getting ready for the big work presentation in English.

Speaking clubs

Yet another pathway to sharing knowledge and stories about different cultures is to initiate speaking clubs in one of the many cafes or bistros that exist throughout Russia. To clarify, there are a variety of establishments, especially in Moscow, the nation’s capital, that offer wannabe TEFL experts the chance to invite students in for a coffee and chat, a more relaxed and informal setting than a traditional classroom setting.

There are in fact myriad benefits to such a technique, not least of which is the chance to earn a few extra spends on the side. First of all, the clientele are apt to be more comfortable in a less pressurized room, sharing a little bit more of their knowledge without feeling the affective filter presence associated with a conventional teacher-student relationship. Rather, it is a golden opportunity to get real practice in the big wide world, safe from judgment and free to take one or two more risks. 

Beyond that, there are other cultural ways to reach students, whether it be teaching them the lyrics to their favourite songs, a new recipe that they want to try out, or simply verifying a piece of the language they heard in a film or TV show. This type of instruction lends itself very well to creating pleasant informal bonds with students, and may even open up the door to getting another private student or two on the side.

Tour guide

Last, but by no means least, there is always the idea of becoming an English native speaker tour guide. Russia is full of monuments old and new that draw the foreign tourist’s eye, and when an overseas traveler comes to visit, they might indeed prefer to have a native English speaker to take them around. This is for two reasons: first of all, there will probably be less of a language barrier; secondly, there is a shared perspective to seeing these famous landmarks through a similar pair of eyes, making the experience even more real and memorable for some tourists.

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