7 Things you can do to maintain your Mental Health during Pandemic

Maintaining Mental Health amidst Pandemic

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How to Maintain your Mental Health during Pandemic: 7 Things To Do

Mental health is often being neglected for some individuals, especially those who are busy with their daily responsibilities. However, maintaining mental health is important to be able to have a healthy well-being. It is as important as physical health, for having mental illnesses such as depression can increase the chances of developing physical health complications that can also worsen an individual’s mental illness.

As the famous saying “The body achieves what the mind believes” by Napoleon Hill, believes that having the right mindset is the key to achieve the things we desire and reaching our goals in life. Thus, maintaining an individual’s mental health is essential to be emotionally and psychologically fit to act accordingly.

With the current global crisis we are facing brought by the pandemic, it is essential at this time to look after our mental health and the people around us. Although we don’t have control over the current situation we are in, the key to maintaining our mental health is in our hands. Various things can be done to balance your life and be mentally healthy.

Here are the following things that you can do to maintain your mental health amidst the pandemic.

Eat a balanced diet.

Healthy Diet
Healthy Diet

The phrase “You are what you eat” has been used since the 1800s, meaning that the type of food you intake affects your overall well-being. Thus, eating a well-balanced meal is important to be healthy and fit.

Be physically active.

Doing minimal to intensive workouts is essential for a healthy state of mind. It has been scientifically proven that exercise causes the release of certain chemicals in the brain such as endorphins and dopamine. These chemicals are also known as ‘happy hormones” that affect an individual’s mood by feeling happy, reduces anxiety and feelings of depression.

Get enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep is important to function properly and reduce anxiety. Sleep is a vital factor that helps the chemical regulation in the brain to convey information. It also allows an individual’s body and mind to recharge to be energized and be attentive on the next day.

Do self-meditation.

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Self-meditation is a great way to improve your mood and perspective in life. Research also proves that doing self-meditation can help you calm, resulting to manage your stress healthily.

Avoid excessive alcohol intake.

Although for some individuals alcohol is a great way to unwind, it is important to control alcohol intake. Excessive alcohol intake may cause depression and anxiety. It also affects your concentration, resulting in being unproductive the following day. Intake of prohibited drugs is also a toxic substance that negatively impacts mental health and the chances of rehabilitation for individuals who use prohibited drugs are proven less effective to some.

Take time to unwind.

It is important to unwind once in a while despite a busy schedule to break off from the daily routines and be motivated afterward. You can do the things that you like such as watching movies, reading a book or go on a vacation, have a meal with families or friends, or maybe go out shopping. Whatever floats your boat.

Set realistic goals.

Having a goal is what keeps us motivated to work despite the difficulties we are facing. Setting a realistic goal such as losing weight, running for 30 minutes, or purchasing a luxury watch you can afford is important to work slowly but surely towards achieving a bigger goal.

If you have tried the 7 things recommended in this article but still having problems in maintaining your mental health, don’t hesitate to ask others for help. You can call on your family, friends, set up an appointment with mental health experts, or maybe join a support group that can help you further understand your situation and provides you a variety of support types you need.


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