The Chamonix

Despite sounding more like some kind of heavy metal band than a picturesque paradise for tourists, the Chamonix, or the French Alps, will be sure to rock your world. Boasting an awe-inspiringly majestic range of mountains, they provide an array of opportunities for sight-seeing, skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing and mountain biking among a plethora of other adrenaline-pumping extreme sports.

Le Garage in Chamonix - Biggest Party Hub
Le Garage in Chamonix – Biggest Party Hub

For skiing holidays in the French Alps, the expansive region is divided into two segments, the north and the south. The North is called the Savoy, and contains the venerable Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in the entire mountain range and therefore one of the most significant peaks for mountain climbers across the world to assail. Meanwhile, the south is called Dauphine, whose largest mountain is the Barre des Ecrins, which stands at a breathtaking 4102 metres.

With such an astounding alpine climate providing the region with a constant influx of snow, skiers and snowboarders alike will have constant joy on the range of slopes available; from gentle green to brutal black runs, visitors of all ages and abilities will be catered for. Meanwhile, the prospect of traversing the mammoth mountains is made far less daunting by intricate interconnections of the ski slopes via ski lifts and cable cars.

Walkers and climbers alike will be able to ascertain a marvellous view of the stunning snow-capped peaks and glistening glaciers, with the region looking incandescent in the summer sun. Meanwhile, the area has a host of amenities on offer for an unparalleled wining and dining experience. Many restaurants offer indelible French delicacies such as the world-renowned frogs’ legs and snails, and also sell some tantalising local French wines, many of which are world-leading in quality. However, for those less inclined to be so daring with their dishes, many restaurants offer more simple options that would satisfy a tamer tongue.

During the summer the snow subsides and reveals a spectacular range of rocky hills and vibrant, colourful meadows to explore, allowing mountain bikers to enjoy a vivid view of the countryside. Some fascinating cultural depth is to be found in Grenoble, dubbed the ‘capital’ of the French Alps due to its proximity to them. It boasts the impressive Bastille, a historic collation of fortifications that display remarkable architecture from hundreds of years ago.

The Chamonix is home to a lush environment which offers a range of activities to enjoy. With so much to do, there’s something for everyone.

  1. cheap flights singapore says

    seems like a nice place to be on when in those regions. thanks for the information.

  2. alex says

    I went to chamonix earlier this year for a snowboarding trip. the resourt is absolutely stunning, and such a great place to be. I will be going back this summer for a spot of mountain biking if I can gather the funds.

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