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The Best Resorts in the French Alps for Mind-Blowing Landscapes


The Best Resorts in the French Alps for Mind-Blowing Landscapes

The French Alps are renowned for their beauty as well as for the winter sports that they offer. In fact, the very best of the resorts in this region provide truly mind-blowing landscapes for you to enjoy.

Resorts in the French Alps
Resorts in the French Alps

The mixture of the high altitude, the mountains, and the snow make this a stunningly pretty region. Add in the beautiful chalets, hotels and restaurants dotted about to see how this is the kind of place where you see something great everywhere you look.

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If you want to get spectacular views all around you then here are some French ski towns you really need to check out.

Which one of them can you imagine yourself heading and enjoying it in all its glory?

Best Resorts in the French Alps

Spectacular Chamonix

The first thing that you are likely to notice when you get to this resort is the imposing shape of the mighty Mont Blanc mountain. This is the tallest mountain in all of Western Europe, a tough climbing challenge for experts, and a truly dramatic background for any ski trip.

A trip out on a cable car from your base here is likely to rewards you with some stunning views of this giant peak that will have you reaching for your camera. This famous mountain isn’t the only visual attraction to look out for once you get here, though.


This high altitude town is surrounded by other snowy peaks and dramatic valleys. This makes it ideal for skiing in and also perfect for just appreciating some tremendous views while you are in your chalet or out for a walk.

There are some great restaurants here where you can sit down and enjoy the views while eating and drinking to your heart’s content. You could try the likes of Chalet Refuge de Lognan, Chalet de Plan Joran, La Terrasse and Elevation 1904 to get great views all around you.

This is definitely the kind of place where you can enjoy the unbeatable pleasure of a weekend break.

Pretty Meribel

This pretty French Alp skis resort is probably close to what you imagine an idyllic Alpine town would look like. Tucked away high up in the mountains, it sits in the Les Allues valley and offers unbeatable views.

You will find that there are hotels, chalets, and apartments scattered over the surrounding area, so finding a place to stay with an incredible view is definitely possible. Even if the place where you stay doesn’t have the best views in town, you won’t need to walk far to find somewhere to take some photos and be impressed by the mountains all around.

A short trip out on one of the ski lifts offers an easy way to see even better views and feel the amazing sensation of freedom offered by this great place. Be sure to take the time to drink in the views, as they will stay with you for the resort of your life.

As with the other main French Alps ski resorts, there are plenty of classy restaurants, bars and cafes here, with many of them providing open views to savor. Among these, you might want to spend time relaxing in the likes of Le Blanchot, La Pizzeria des Chalets du Thorens, and Les Pierres Plates in and around town.

A trip here is also easy to make, with a good site to check out deals being at Before long you will be able to leave behind the routine and the usual old scenery easily and without any fuss.

Glamorous Courchevel

The famously luxurious and glamorous ski resort of Courchevel is another spot in the French Alps where you can have a fabulous trip and enjoy looking at the incredible views. You will very quickly realize why so many rich and famous people come here year after year.

One of the best things about this world famous resort is that it is split out over 5 different resorts at different altitudes, each with their own unique atmosphere and views. This means that you can enjoy exploring the area on your own terms and see the mountains from different points of view.


The beautiful chalet, hotels, and restaurants around here all help to make this a magnificent setting in which you can enjoy looking at some terrific sights while taking in a brilliant trip. It is certainly easy to see what this resort is so popular with so many celebrities looking for a ski break these days.

As with the other ski towns we have looked at, the wealth of great restaurants and bars make it easy to relax while soaking up panoramic views. In the case of Courchevel, you can eat and drink comfortably in places such as La Table des Focons, Bel Air and Verdons to enjoy the view.

Exciting Morzine

Morzine is one of the most exciting places in the French Alps to enjoy a ski break with a lot of style and adventure. As with the previous resorts we have looked at, it also has some views that will take your breath away.

The surrounding scenery here is outstandingly pretty, with rustic chalets rubbing shoulders with snowy mountains and cute villages. For many visitors, the excitement of the pistes and the après ski scene is the highlight of Morzine but for others it is the outstanding scenery.

This is a perfect place to enjoy a weekend of intense skiing and the great nightlife, mixed with spells of just taking it easy and enjoying the natural beauty of the French Alps. However you like appreciate the glory of nature, Morzine is a terrific place in which to do it.

You will feel as though you are in a very special from the first minute that you arrive here until the very last.

Stunning Flaine

The fantastic ski resort of Flaine is another place where you can enjoy the amazing pleasure of some of the planet’s finest sights. This attractive French ski town was built in the 1960s and has been cleverly designed to make it an easy place for groups and families to enjoy a ski break, meaning that it is ideal for letting the kids get in close contact with nature.

There are lots of classy apartments and Alpine chalets around here, with many of them offering lovely views of the surrounding mountains. It is also a good place to go out for a meal or a few drinks while soaking up the scenery and relaxing.

The main village sits near the bottom of a big snowy bowl, meaning that you can travel up the sides to get more open and spectacular views. The traditional Alpine villages nearby also offer a nice change of pace and some great architecture, while rocky ridges and wooded hills give the area a nicely varied look.

La Rosiere France
La Rosiere France

In terms of enjoying splendid views while eating or drinking, some of the best places to head to here include Le Desert Blanc and La Cascade. If you want a different view from in the town then try heading out on the ski lifts to a different.

There are few more exciting places on Earth to enjoy incredible views than in the French Alps. If you treat yourself to a break here then you will get a number of memorable days that will live on long in your memory once you go home.

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