TECH: How to bring over 100,000 Wallpapers to your Mac Desktop

Wallpapers for Mac

Tired of the same default image on your Mac screen or prefer to look at your laptop as an additional picture frame and like to change a background regularly? Well, there’s nothing stands in your way. All you need are some basic tricks and image sources.

Wallpapers for Mac
Wallpapers for Mac

Where to get new wallpapers for Mac Desktop?

Before looking for background pictures, find out your screen resolution to avoid their distorted presentation.

1. Choose Apple-signed menu.

2. Go to System Preferences.

3. Click Displays.

4. Select Display in the opened window.

5. Memorize the default resolution.

6. Or select Scaled and change your screen characteristic to more suitable one.

The sources containing wallpapers for Mac can be internal and external. Most of the outer ones are public and don’t demand any purchases.


1. Default Mac Desktop Pictures folder

Access: Type Command+Shift+G, enter ‘ /Library/Desktop Pictures ‘ and hit Return.

2. Your photos and uploaded images

Access: Employ Finder to locate your content.


1. Any websites

Access: Open a browser and use a search engine to discover beautiful images on designated for wallpaper offerings or any other sites.

2. Wallpaper apps

Access: Find in Mac App Store and install one of the corresponding applications to get a pass to a quality desktop picture library and enable additional possibilities.

How to change your desktop wallpaper on Mac?

As any other default task on this user-friendly operating system main or additional monitor screen image alteration is pretty straightforward. There are two ways to give your PC a new digital look. Complete the following steps of any of the methods to opt for a background variety.

Wallpapers for your Mac Desktop
Wallpapers for your Mac Desktop

With OS instruments

Select a wallpaper from your Photos 

1. Open the Photos application.

2. Pull the app window to the screen desktop that needs a picture update.

3. Right-click on the desirable image.

4. Select Share from the drop-down menu.

5. Press Set Desktop Picture in the opened submenu.

6. Enjoy your new Mac background.

Alter your primary display image via Finder 

1. Open a default Mac file explorer.

2. Retrieve the picture you want to employ as your screen feature.

3. Control-click the selected file.

4. In the unfold shortcut menu choose Set Desktop Picture.

5. If you cannot complete clause 4, find a required option in Services submenu of the shortcut one.

6. If you need to change your auxiliary screen background, opt for another method.

Make a picture change in Desktop preferences 

1. Open Apple-signed menu.

2. Go to System Preferences.

3. Select Desktop & Screen Saver.

4. Stay on the Desktop tab.

5. Choose a folder with needed images in the drive browser on the left.

6. If you desire to add another wallpaper location, press ‘+’ below.

7. Highlight one or few preferable pictures for a slideshow with a click on the folder content in the right subwindow.

8. If you’ve chosen several images, define a turning period and a sequence order.

With special software

Browsing through millions of pictures on the Internet in a quest for the special one and additionally with a proper resolution can take a lot of time. Applications like Wallpaper Wizard provide access to tremendous 4K images repositories and allow performing with their assistance all default settings procedures such as creating a periodically changing picture roll.

It’s a real time-saver option. Plus instead of adding to bookmarks or constantly downloading the images you like you can just mark as favorite the exceptional ones you’ve found in the app storage and don’t mess up your drive or browser.

If your artistic part desire to add more beauty and uniqueness to your Mac, the simplest and the most tasteful way to do that is to set an enchanting Desktop Background. Then every glimpse on your PC screen will carry you away to the happy place.

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