Tea for everyone! The Story of Dilmah Tea

Tea for…Well, everyone! The Story of Dilmah Tea

Tea has been around for centuries. It has been traded and consumed throughout history. Nations prospered, cultures developed, and wars waged around tea. Today, tea is still an integral part of human society. It has developed so much that there are even more varieties available today. Like wine, tea has become a product with varying degrees of taste, quality and luxury. Also like wine, it has its own common culture and die-hard aficionados.

Dilmah Tea
Dilmah Tea

Among the many companies that produce tea worldwide, there is one is quite distinctive. This is the Single Origin Tea, Dilmah Tea.

In order to appreciate the originality and high quality of Dilmah Tea we must go back to its roots. Its founder was Merril J. Fernando who is definitely a tea connoisseur. He was very much interested in teas even as a young man. In the 1950s he decided that he will devote his life to its development.

His passion gave him an insight into cultivating the precious leaves. He learned the how, where and when of how they are grown. He studied the effects of the climate and soil on different types of teas. He also learned to best process them. This is what makes Dilmah Tea what it is today.

Dilmah Tea Founder
Dilmah Tea Founder

The name for his tea came from the names of his two sons, Dilhan and Malik, both of whom have followed their father’s footsteps by making tea their business and passion. After sixty years, the business is thriving with the next generation, Merril Fernando’s grandchildren, getting ready to take their places in the tea making business.

In 1988, the company upped the ante by introducing three innovations: Traditional Tea, Single Origin Tea, and packed Garden Fresh. These have made Dilmah tea a higher quality tea but also unique.

Dilmah Tea Plantation in Sri Lanka
Dilmah Tea Plantation in Sri Lanka

Traditional Tea is the process of producing tea using the old methods and techniques passed on from generation to generation for the entire process. This includes picking the leaves by hand, withering, rolling, oxidizing and firing. This is in lieu to modern CTC methods, which focuses more on mass production. Traditional Tea emphasizes achieving the highest quality tea through meticulous care in the production process. That is the Dilmah Method.

Single Origin Tea is about unblended teas. An important factor in determining the flavor of tea is its terrior or the place of origin of the tea. Terrior determines that tea grown in a specific place at a specific time produces the distinct flavor for that tea. Each region with its own climate and soil produces is own signature tea flavor. This gives each area based on soil and climate its own indentify of tea flavor. For a cheaper tea all year round, other companies go for the Multi-Origin Blend, a process of blending teas produced cheaply from different regions to come up with a palatable tea. Although this method may produce new and wonderful flavors for coffee, it unfortunately does the opposite for tea.

Dilmah Tea is also Garden Fresh. They take great pride in making sure of the products freshness. This translates to the fresh and vibrant flavors of Dilmah Teas.

Merrill J Fernando - Founder of Dilmah
Merrill J Fernando – Founder of Dilmah

Because of his love for tea, Merril Fernando has built Dilmah Tea into a company passionate about their products. They grow their own tea in their own gardens, which are in some of the best locations in Ceylon. They have their own tea packaging and art printing company. They heavily invested in almost all aspects of the tea industry. This is to ensure that they have a stake in the entire tea manufacturing process. This is how the Fernandos make sure that their products are of the highest quality.

Dilmah Tea is the only vertically integrated tea company. Family for Dilmah is not limited to the Merril Fernando, his sons and grandchildren. The family values are passed on to the employees of the company. At Dilmah Tea, the fruits and rewards of the company’s successes are also shared with the workers. At the core of the Dilmah Tea Company Vision is the commitment to human service as part of making business.

Sharing the rewards of success does not end with in the company. The MJF Charitable Foundation was initially set up by Merril Fernando to help the 18 original workers of the company. This gradually spread to the community. As the business grew, so did the MJF Charitable Foundation. It was able to help many communities in Sri Lanka. Eventually the Foundation’s humanitarian efforts reached a global scale (www.mjffoundation.org), touching the lives of more than 10,000 people through over 100 humanitarian projects. Now it is also committed to environmental sustainability through Dilmah Conservation (www.dilmahconservation.org).

Oolong Tea from Dilmah
Oolong Tea from Dilmah

Dilmah Tea has truly come a long way. Through it all, it has stayed the course holding true to its values of commitment, quality, and service community and family. Because of this, they have produced the finest collection of teas renowned all over the world. Try one now and have the Dilmah Tea experience.

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