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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Koh Samui

Why You Should Visit Koh Samui

What makes Koh Samui a top destination for tourists from around the world is the island’s incredible wealth of hidden treasures. The island is Thailand’s second-largest and home to some of the world’s most idyllic beaches, luxury resorts, relaxing spas and vibrant cultures. Consider booking a Koh Samui vacation rentals this summer. Exploring all the fun places around this paradise will also cost you surprisingly low rates, which is why you can rest easy as you relax in this island’s lap of luxury.

Visit Koh Samui
Visit Koh Samui

Here’s a list of ten reasons why this place should be your next destination:

It is home to the Big Buddha Temple

Big Buddha is probably the first thing you will spot as you fly into Koh Samui Airport. Standing at 12 meters tall, Big Buddha was built in 1972 and has remained a favorite destination for scores of holidaymakers, whether Buddhists or not. As you go up the stairs to the temple, be sure to bring enough water with you as temperatures can get quite hot, even on cloudy days. You will also certainly be amazed by the nice view of the whole place.

It houses Starz Cabaret

If you’re a fan of the nightlife, head to Starz Cabaret for some of Thailand’s famed ladyboy shows. The outstanding vocals and dance make for a thrilling night out. Later, you can visit one of the island’s exciting beach clubs not far from the spot.

Diving in Koh Samui Thailand
Diving in Koh Samui Thailand

You will find the famous Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks

A tour of Koh Samui is not complete without a visit to the fabled Hin Ta (Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks). The two iconic rocks sit on the beachside between Lamai and Hua Thanon. Legend has it that an old couple, desperate to get their bachelor son a bride, perished at sea as they sailed to a nearby province for that purpose, turning into the rocks.

It has a wide array of restaurants offering the country’s finest cuisines

Sample some of Thailand’s finest cuisines at one numerous Koh Samui eateries. They serve mouthwatering seafood and some fresh juice. There is a variety of rich curries on offer too. So, if you are a self-confessed foodie traveler, then Koh Samui is definitely an ideal place to visit.

Thai Massage
Thai Massage

You can experience Thai massages and spas

Thai massages and spas are a divine experience, and as they are rather cheap, you can have a couple of them during your stay at Koh Samui. Thus, if you are big on a relaxing massage and spa experience, you will love visiting the Royal Spa, for instance, that can be found at Central Festival Samui shopping mall. This can be found in Chaweng.

Big Buddha Beach is located in this place

With all the gorgeous beaches that line up most of Thailand’s coastline, it is hard to choose which one to visit. Big Buddha beach, however, is certainly one of the most heavenly. The sea here is a soothing 28 degrees, and the sand, palm trees, and bars are out of this world. One can never ask for anything more.

You can stay in Samujana Villas that offers breathtaking views of the beaches

Samujana Villas, located near Koh Samui airport, offer an exceptional place to stay during your visit to the island. There’s a variety of spacious, posh, and affordable rooms that offer breathtaking views of the beaches. You will also enjoy top of the range gyms, cinema rooms, night clubs and a private beach.

Sunset Beach in Ko Samui
Sunset Beach in Ko Samui

It is home to The Secret Buddha Garden

If you are a lover of mythology and fantasy, a tour at the Secret Buddha Garden will give you a magical experience. The enchanting garden is a collection of sculptures depicting different Buddhist deities and mythological creatures made by a retired durian farmer between 1976 and 2000.

Central Festival Samui is definitely the place to be for those who love shopping

For those who love shopping, it does not get better than doing so at Central Festival Samui. With all the malls and markets available there, you can buy just about anything, from unique souvenirs to designer clothes. It is the perfect get-away for every enthusiastic shopper.

You can enjoy yoga classes at Yogarden

Located in the little village of Bophut is a yoga haven called Yogarden. There is a variety of deeply relaxing yoga classes provided by the masterful instructors in a refreshing open-air sala. Later, you can enjoy a healthy glass of raw juice and salad available at the vegan restaurant on site. This experience will definitely relax your tired limbs and soul.

Koh Samui Beach Thailand
Koh Samui Beach Thailand

A visit to Koi Samui offers every adventure you will want during a holiday vacation, and much more. Whether you are visiting for a few days or intend to linger for a longer time, there is always something exciting for you to explore. So, you better prepare your luggage, book a flight going to this place, and enjoy Koi Samui’s finest offerings.

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