Taxicle – Naga City’s new King of the Road

Tourists and local commuters in Naga City will soon enjoy the comfortable and relatively affordable new form of transportation called Taxicle. The vehicle’s original name was ‘’tuktok’’ but the Naga City Government renamed it as ‘’taxicle” since India and Thailand is already using the same name to identify the vehicle.

Taxicle in Naga City
Taxicle in Naga City (photo courtesy of

The Sangguniang Panglunsod of Naga City granted a temporary franchise of 10 Taxicle last May 6, 2014. The City Government has approved 100 franchises and it will soon ply the streets of Naga City. The Italian Manufacturer of this vehicle will soon deliver the next available orders from selected Naga City based franchisees.

Taxicle - New King of the road in Naga City
Taxicle – New King of the road in Naga City (photo courtesy of

The taxicle is a customized model of Apé (pronounced ah-peh), an Italian word for bumblebee. The product is manufactured under license of Italy’s Piaggio which became popular in automobile business in that country in 1948. Although its first in the Philippines, This type of vehicle is already popularly used in Thailand, Europe, Singapore, Italy and other countries and its manufacturer has been in operation for 60 years now.

A unit of taxicle costs Php235,000, payable on installment basis of Php10,500 every month in three years. Powered by 435 cc diesel engine with one year warranty, Piaggio Apé, which runs about 30-36 kilometers for every liter of diesel gasoline, is a cost-effective commercial vehicle that has very low maintenance and operational cost.

Taxicle can accommodate nine passengers, including the driver, while fare will be Php8.00 per regular passenger.

According to an article published in, Taxicle can also be converted into stainless expandable mobile store, composite expandable mobile store, closed van, patrol car, mobile food shop, calessino lokal, jeep, roving ad, florist van, water delivery van, bakery shop and softdrink delivery mini-van. (source : PNA)

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