Tagaytay Hotels with the Highest Traveler Ratings

Discovery Country Suites St. Tropez Deluxe Suite

Highly Rated Tagaytay Hotels

The Philippines is an incredibly diverse country and not everyone wants to be at the beach all the time. One of the other amazing things to enjoy in the Philippines are the volcanoes and there aren’t many places better to do that than Tagaytay. While you won’t find the same number of hotel options you find in the popular beach areas, you can still find some great places to stay in Tagaytay.

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Fat Bills Bead and Breakfast Tagaytay

Fat Bill’s Bed and Breakfast is one option and as you might expect from the name, the breakfast is filled with goodies. There’s a reason Bill got fat and that is that he’s a master chef, plus his wife Esther does some amazing Pinoy dishes as well. Actually Bill isn’t all that fat but his place is a relaxing get away and a very homey atmosphere.

Discovery Country Suites Pool
Discovery Country Suites Pool

Discover Country Suites offers first class service and very comfortable rooms to those visiting Tagaytay. Great locations for anyone visiting the Taal Volcanoe and plenty of amenities for even the pickiest hotel guest – one problem though – there are only seven suites so you need to make sure you book them ahead of time.

Tagaytay Wingate Manor offers a nice value for the amount of money they charge. Clean and modern rooms, a very luxurious lobby and best of all – free massage for all guests! Seriously, you gotta love that. Quiet, relaxing and they have a great pool and delicious in room food service.

One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites is a modern, travel hotel. Great views of the Taal Volcano and fantastic food combine to make this a welcome treat in your travels. The General Manager and the staff are attentive and welcoming and go to great lengths to make sure that guest have everything they need while they are there.

Finally, the Emiramona Garden Hotel. This is a safe choice for you if the others are all filled up. Clean rooms, good food, a very pleasant staff, and a decent location. All the basic hotel amenities and consistent good service. The bottom line is that if you aren’t being charged an arm and a leg and you get what you need i.e a clean comfortable room, a professional staff, and the amenities that make you happy, you really can’t go wrong.

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    Tagaytay hotel is one of the best hotel in Philippines specially their food.

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