Smart powers the best mobile experience during the Sarangani Bay Festival 2018

Sarangani Bay Festival 2018

Smart powers Sarangani Bay Festival 2018

(Glan, Sarangani Philippines) Just in time for this year’s Sarangani Bay Festival, Smart Communication, Inc. (Smart) boosted its mobile data facilities in the Gumasa, Sarangani Bay area. The improvement in the mobile data experience has resulted in tourists and residents accessing Internet download speeds as fast as 40 Mbps.

Smart powers Sarangani Bay Festival 2018
Smart powers Sarangani Bay Festival 2018

Sarangani celebrates Mindanao’s premier beach festival

Smart users in the Sarangani Bay area is now able to access LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) for their mobile data. This means that the data speeds are now up to a new digital standard. The company started implementing LTE-A a month before the actual festival. Smart also ramped up its carrier aggregation technology, which increases the bandwidth of the network.

Smart timed the upgrades perfectly for the festival as they want the residents to be able to message their loved ones no matter where they are in the world. It also improves the ability of the network users to post updates on their social media accounts in real time. Since the festival is also about the protection of marine life, it would not hurt as well if Smart users would research and read information about the protection and preservation of marine life.

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Smart upgrades connectivity

The addition of the Sarangani Bay area to the LTE-A network of Smart is part of the company’s efforts to cover 90 percent of the country’s cities and municipalities by December 2018.

Sunset in Sarangani Bay
Sunset in Sarangani Bay

In the first three months of the year, Smart has already built more than 1,300 LTE base stations in different areas in the country. This raises the total number to 10,000. The company wants to reach about 17,700 base stations by the end of the year to improve their services. Among the areas that became part of the new network are Baguio, Batanes and Sagada.

The Sarangani Bay Festival 2018, or Sarbay Fest as locals call it, is an annual celebration in the town of Gumasa. It has become a popular beach event in the southern Philippines, with various outdoor activities that can be played by almost everyone.

It is now on its eleventh year. It is also a way to push for more protection of the whole Sarangani Bay, which stretches for 230 kilometers. The bay is home to many kinds of fish including tuna and bangus.

Sarangani Bay Festival 2018
Sarangani Bay Festival 2018

Smart is the wireless subsidiary of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT), the country’s largest telecommunications company. It has become the top mobile and digital service in the Philippines.

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