Singapore Passport is now ‘World’s Most Powerful’

  • Singapore Passport becomes the single most powerful passport in the world.
  • South Korea, Japan, and Malaysia are also included in Top 20 Most Powerful Passport.

Visa is the most important document a traveler must have when going out of town. It is designed to allow people have access into another country. Visa also specifies a certain time frame on how long will you be staying in a particular country. But with the Singapore Passport being the World’s Most Powerful Passport today, Singaporeans are into a great adventure of a lifetime, with a hassle visa-free travel to 159 countries.

Singapore Passport is now ‘World’s Most Powerful’
Singapore Passport. Photo via Channel News Asia

All thanks to Paraguay’s recent decision to remove visa restrictions for passport holders of the Asian City State, Singapore is now the single most powerful passport in the world. This is according to an article published by

The announcement was based on It is a free online interactive tool that sorts and ranks the world’s passports by their cross-border access. It was developed by international residence and citizenship advisory firm Arton Capital.

In line with this announcement, this means that Singaporean passport can now visit 159 countries, either visa-free, or gaining visa upon arrival.

According to Philippe May, the managing director of Arton Capital’s Singapore office, this is the first time that an Asian country has the most powerful passport in the World.

Germany ranked number 2 on the Global Passport Power Rank 2017 with 158 countries they can visit visa-free. Ranked 3rd is Sweden and Korea, followed by 8 countries- Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Japan, and United Kingdom – tying the same number of 156 countries.

Meanwhile, in report by CNN, the US passport has fallen in place since President Donald Trump took office, the Passport Index statement said, noting that Turkey and the Central African Republic were the most recent countries to revoke visa-free status to US passport holders.


With this great news, 3.4 million Singaporean passport holder are all set to plan ahead their travel vacation.


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