Ride With uberPOOL And Enjoy These Exciting Advantages

How does UberPool work for passengers?

How uberPOOL works

What is UberPool: How It Works, Cost, Pricing & More

Uber continues to innovate ways to help riders worldwide — uberPOOL is one of them. It is a traveler’s app that will benefit both commuters and car owners. With the tagline, “Sharing is saving,” this app has many good advantages.

Ride with uberPOOL
Ride with uberPOOL

Here is the rundown:

Cheaper ride

The uberPOOL allows a car owner to split costs between him and another rider. This means that a car owner can save while helping a rider find a comfortable and safe ride. It is pretty an economically practical idea for both car owners and riders.

For riders, it is cheaper to request an uberPOOL than to ride a cab or bring their own car. For car owners, they can basically save on gas costs. Upon requesting an uberPOOL, the rider automatically sees how much he’ll need to pay.

uberPOOL interface
uberPOOL interface

Hassle-free ride

Let us admit that streets anywhere can be very congested that getting vacant parking spaces is almost impossible. But when you request an uberPOOL, you no longer need to find a parking space, which means you can directly go to your destination without any hassle.

Arrive at your destination on time

Once you book an uberPOOL, you’ll see the estimated time that you’ll arrive at your destination. This means that you can choose an uberPOOL that matches your time requirements. Even if you share a ride with another rider, you’ll indeed arrive at your destination on or before your desired time. Most often, the estimated time of arrival on the uberPOOL request is the latest time you can get to your destination — which means that you can arrive a bit earlier than requested.

How uberPOOL works
How uberPOOL works – Ride with uberPOOL

Help your city breathe.

Talk about congested streets; you can absolutely help your city breathe by patronizing uberPOOL. When you get more people into fewer cars, you also reduce congestion in your city. Does that sound good? Around the world, hundreds of thousands of people are taking uberPOOL. According to the statistics of Uber, 20 percent of their total rides are pool rides. A thoughtful way to care about our cities.

Alternative to car ownership

Not all people can invest in their own car. Even though car ownership has become more of a necessity than a luxury nowadays, there is just no way that all families or individuals can buy their own car. With uberPOOL, those with no cars are given a chance to experience a convenient ride with just a click on their mobile phones.

What is uberPOOL
What is uberPOOL

Win new friends

Another advantage of uberPOOL is it allows you to gain new friends and acquaintances. What better way to meet new people than to share a ride with them while enjoying the advantages above. Sharing a ride with uberPOOL is also the safest way to ride with strangers. It has already been used by many riders worldwide, so you don’t have to worry about your security.

With advanced technology and resourcefulness, traveling can be both fun and cost-efficient. So if you haven’t tried uberPOOL yet, it’s about time you follow this practical trend.

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