Tech21 EVO Tactical Case For Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus: Why Travelers And Other Users Should Snag One For Their Device?

While Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus rock remarkable, durable designs, it would still be best if users of these premium handsets will put in some kind of protection.

Tech21 EVO Tactical Case for iPhone 6s Plus
Tech21 EVO Tactical Case for iPhone 6s Plus

If you are a frequent traveler who wish to make sure that your iPhone is safe and sound against any impacts during your travels, the Tech21 EVO Tactical Case for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus is absolutely a boon.

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In terms of its features, this Tech21 EVO Tactical Case comes packed with the so-called FlexiShock technology to safeguard the phones from damages.

Tech21 EVO iPhone 6s Plus Case
Tech21 EVO iPhone 6s Plus Case

Apart from having a slim, stylistic profile, this iPhone case boasts a nonslip grip so users can easily carry their device in different places.

Weighing 1.41 ounces, the case’s dimension is 0.43 in x 3.35 in x 6.26 in.

Apart from touting elegant look and feel, what’s also great with this iPhone cover is that it has easy-to-access ports for buttons, headphones and charger.

The case, however, is only available in a classy, black color.

Benefits Of iPhone Cases

There is no doubt that protective cases offer a wide array of advantages. Here is a rundown of the many benefits of buying a protective case for your iPhone.

Evo Tactical iPhone 6s Plus case
Evo Tactical iPhone 6s Plus case

Provides Added Protection

It cannot be denied that most flagship phones are pricey items that are loaded with expensive, delicate innards. Hence, damaging the phones can be a serious matter. As such, it is highly advised to give them the needed protection against possible accidents.

The EVO Tactical Case, for example, has a good shock absorption capacity that is designed to protect most parts of the phone against dents.

Tech21 EVO Tactical Case for iPhone 6s Plus
Tech21 EVO Tactical Case for iPhone 6s Plus

Not Heavy And Bulky

Most iPhone protective cases are designed to feature a slender and light makeup so users can easily carry them anywhere they want to go.

On top of that, these covers are particularly made for specific models so they will look good and they will fit perfectly.

They Are Heat And Dust Resistant

Protective skins are likewise resistant to heat. As such, they are your perfect buddies when you plan to have your vacation in a place with a hot climate.

Most modern cases are also dust resistant. What this means is that you can carry your phone even in dusty places during your vacation without any uncertainties.

Tech21 EVO Tactical Case
Tech21 EVO Tactical Case

They Look Fashionable

Protective cases also add aesthetic appeal to your phone.

Apart from featuring different textures and patterns, these skins are also available in a multitude of color options. If you want a classic look for your phone, then choose those that have black, white, red, blue or clear colors. Those who go for fun, cool colors, in the meantime, should pick the brighter ones so they will stand out more.


Smartphone cases, such as the Tech21 EVO Tactical Case, provide an array of purposes, making them a great investment.

Our phones and other devices become important parts of our lives at this day and age. This being said, we have to do our best to extend their lives by giving them their much needed protection.

Tech21 is available at all Digital Walker and Beyond The Box boutiques nationwide. For more info LIKE them on Facebook and Instagram @DigitsTrading



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