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Review: Fold Saccoche Dry Crossbody Bag by Topologie

Fold Saccoche Dry Crossbody Bag by Topologie

How many bags do you need when you travel?

Is it just me or is it really normal to get lazy whenever we think about packing?

Fold Saccoche Dry Crossbody Bag by Topologie
Fold Saccoche Dry Crossbody Bag by Topologie

Let’s talk about packing. When we travel, we all want to be as organized as possible. When we open our luggage, we want to see those organizers to be as clear as Stabilo’s highlighter (neon markers).

To be honest with you, everyone feels that way, we all want that free space to be filled up with nothing but our organized things. Now, let’s talk about our hand carry. Backpack, handbags, or whatever, all of these are the same. But I’m sure, everyone of us wants to pack as light as possible.

For me, traveling has been my escape over the years. I have to admit, thinking about the packing-part never fails to overwhelm me. I tend to overpack sometimes or if not, I tend to leave some of the important things I need. But as I travel more often, I learned the trick of packing.

Fold Saccoche Dry Crossbody Bag by Topologie
Fold Saccoche Dry Crossbody Bag by Topologie

Packing light is as easy as packing your grocery or stacking your clothes inside a small cabinet. I learned to segregate the important things that I need for my travels so I won’t end up opening my luggage or backpack and get pressured because I’m causing traffic and eventually lose things and explode. I’m overreacting the situation, chill. Here’s what I mean by “Segregating”.

  • Luggage: Clothes + Shoes + Bath Essentials
  • Backpack: Gadgets

This is the part where the story gets interesting, I discovered that in order for you to lessen your stress in the airport, or when you travel, you have to have a small bag that carries all the important stuff that you need to get in the airport, not lose any money, and even keep all the receipts.

Foldable Saccoche Sling bag from Topologie
Foldable Saccoche Sling bag from Topologie

This is a Foldable Saccoche Sling bag from Topologie.

This has been very useful in all of my travels not only because of the foldable feature but all the pockets are very accessible especially when you’re a GRAB-AND-GO type of person. My personal experience with using this bag has been wonderful, I’m the type of guy who tends to forget where I keep things and this has saved me (saved me from all the embarrassment that could’ve had happened).

But in all honesty, I really like this bag because as a content creator who likes to travel a lot, having a sling bag that can carry all of the important things in your daily life is nothing but a piece of heaven. YES, it can carry everything I need whenever I travel. Since the Saccoche bag is foldable, it has 4 wide pockets that can fit your phone, money, passport, even your compact camera.

Saccoche Sling bag from Topologie
Saccoche Sling bag from Topologie

What I like about this bag is that the material is water-repellent as well. I have used this in all of my trips, I wouldn’t say that this is my favorite bag, but this is the easiest and the most convenient bag that you’ll ever own.

The color I chose was black, it matches my style because I like to wear minimalist outfits and this bag not only carries my things but acts as an accent to my outfit. With the nylon fabric material, it is surely stylish and I’m sure that you’ll never go wrong with this purchase.

Sling bag from Topologie
Sling bag from Topologie

Also, not to mention the strap that makes everything easier. Overall, I can say that this bag has helped me a lot, I recommend you to get this bag if you want to keep your travels less hassle and more stylish.

Check out the photos to see what I’m talking about. For more info about the product, visit

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Written by Mikyle Quizon

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