Cebu Pacific Makes History for Employing the First Transwoman Flight Attendant in the Philippines

Cebu Pacific hires first-ever Filipino transwomen flight attendant

Cebu Pacific Has Hired The Philippines’ First Transwoman Flight Attendant

Manila, Philippines — A transwoman/transgender person has just made history in the Philippine commercial aviation.

Recently, Jess Labares has been named the very first transwoman/transgender who has been employed as a full-fledge CebGo flight attendant. As such, it is deemed yet another success for the whole LGBTQ community.

Cebu Pacific hires first-ever Filipino transwomen flight attendant
Cebu Pacific hires first-ever Filipino transwomen flight attendant

Jess is part of the 11th batch of Cebu Pacific flight attendants.

“57 days of hardship, tears, laughter, and sacrifice,” says Jess via her Facebook account. “Becoming a cabin crew was never a childhood dream. It was more like a challenge, a challenge to myself to know what I’m capable of. To try something new.”

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Jess added that sometimes, you also like to try to leave your comfort zone to get to know yourself.

“Now that I’m officially a cabin crew, I can now say I made it,” says Jess. “I surpassed the most difficult training I ever had.”

Although others may think that their work is “glamorous,” Jess explained that it not just about looking pretty, but it’s all about the safety and comfort of the majority.

Jess is very thankful for the opportunity given by Cebu Pacific.

“I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to CebGo and Cebu Pacific for their acceptance,” says Jess. “On behalf of the LGBTQ community, thank you.”

Jess says that it is proof that the community is slowly gaining the respect and acceptance of society. Furthermore, Jess says it just proves that Cebu Pacific is a diverse and multicultural company.

She further notes that everyone should never give up on reaching their goals in life and reaching what they “really want.”

Jess Labares photo via official facebook account
Jess Labares photo via official facebook account

Jess adds that it is perhaps the most essential crown that she received throughout her life.

She also thanks her family and friends for being her greatest motivation and inspiration – and for being her support system.

“To my papa in heaven, I know you are so proud of what I have achieved and for what I have become,” she adds.

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