Palawan: Your Next Kitesurfing Destination

Kitesurfing in the Philippines may be in its toddler age in the Philippines but it does not want. It was in the early 2002 when thrill seekers packed their kites and headed to the 7,107 islands we call home. With that much bobbing rocks to choose from, one can never run out of options; there’s enough wind to go around.

A kitesurfer geating ready to surf in Puerto Princesa Palawan
A kitesurfer getting ready to surf in Puerto Princesa Palawan

Kitesurfing in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Kitesurfing Competition in Puerto Princesa
Kitesurfing Competition in Puerto Princesa

Recently, Palawan became another haven for kitesurfers, aside from Bulabog Beach in Boracay and Pagudpod Beach in Ilocos Norte. One can choose among Coron, El Nido, Cuyo Island, and Puerto Princesa as their new Kitesurfing destination. And in the advent of Palawan being declared as the World’s Best Island, one cannot deny the fact that everyone should get a glimpse of its 1,780 islands and islets riding a kiteboard, or not.

Kitesurfing in the Worlds Best Island
Kitesurfing in the Worlds Best Island

As one of the many who have watched dreamily of kitesurfers in flight and dropped fear and tried the sport, I found the perfect spot for beginners and pros alike.

Kitesurfing Spots in Palawan
Kitesurfing Spots in Palawan

During the months of November to April, the Amihan (Northeast Wind) is at its prime and winds can go around 12 to 15 knots, sometimes even as high as 20 to 30 knots. The reef stretches for about 500 meters from the beach, which is conducive for learning; even non-swimmers can get into the sport.

Packages offered by kiteschools in Puerto Princesa range from Php 1,500 per hour for a Taster Course to Php 16,000 for the Beginner Course.

Beautiful Kitesurfing Spot in Palawan
Beautiful Kitesurfing Spot in Palawan

Kite Club Palawan operates at the Emerald Playa Beach and Nature Park and offers accommodation for as low as Php 2,400 for a Double Cabana. Microtel Inn and Suites Puerto Princesa by Wyndham (check rates) offers early booking promos of up to 62% off if you book 30 days in advance.

How to get to Puerto Princesa Palawan

Palawan is easily accessible by an hour flight from Manila. AirAsia flies four times daily and offers year round fare promos to Puerto Princesa. Travelers from Asean Countries can now take advantage of AirAsia Asean Pass – a travel pass that allows travelers to buy credits that can be used to book flights at a fixed rate across various AirAsia routes throughout the Asean region.

  1. Karel Kosman says

    Palawan is the nicest part of the Philippines, a safe place and one of the top two best places for kitesurfing based on the winds. The Puerto Princesa, El Nido and Coron corridor is a popular route, but if going that way, why not stop for some kitesurfing half way between El Nido and Coron, in Linapacan? The big ferry stops here on the way, the waters the clearest in the world, with excellent snorkeling. Tons of undeveloped beach islands to explore. On our small island it is easy to get to the other side, facing the open ocean. A choice therefore for beginners and advanced surfers alike.

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