Orchard Central Singapore – Lures You Desperately Into a Shopping Spree

I was in Singapore last week and was lucky to tour around Orchard Road which is considered as the shopping belt of Singapore.

We first visited the Mandarin Gallery then decided to just walk towards Orchard Central and burn some excess calories accumulated from our huge meal @ The White Rabbit.

I am not a shopping bug but I love visiting shopping malls to checkout new travel gears, books and cooking supplies.

Orchard Central mall in Singapore is one of the newest shopping mall in the area which was recently opened last July 2,2009.

tallest mall in singapore

This shopping mall was the 1st vertical mall in Orchard road and this is tallest shopping mall I have ever seen so far.

This mall is the home to a number of big and small retail marketers consisting about four hundred shop spaces in it. What brings a huge customer pull is that all the retailers present here do have the latest and the very newest classy collection which I think people can hardly dislike.

Orchard Central Mall
Orchard Central Super Escalators

Imagine a mall with the Worlds Tallest indoor Via Ferrata – If in case your not familiar, Via Ferrata is the Italian word for “Iron Way” – a fixed-protection wall climbing path without the risks associated with unprotected scrambling and climbing.  Right underneath Via Ferrata is a shop called prAna – an outdoor gear store that offers travel-friendly outfits.

Christmas Shopping
Christmas Shopping in Singapore

As for my case everything seemed as a masterpiece and no piece in the display stock seemed to be uninteresting. Another reason why huge crowd visits this mall is that the mall offers a wide variety of specialty shops that are not available in other malls in the shopping belt.

furniture shops
Cluster Concept

What impressed me about the Orchard Central mall was its exclusive cluster concept and its beautiful glass elevators. The cluster concept was appreciable because all the shops were well organized in clusters or groups according to their categories giving the shoppers very much ease while shopping.

Via Ferrata n Rock Climbing Wall 3
Via Ferrata

There are eight clusters in a whole in which the shops in the mall are divided into. An urban explorer like me is surely to get attracted to all such various arrangements made in the Orchard Central shopping mall. I then visited this eating space called the Food Haven convinienty located at the top floor of the so tall shopping building.

The Food Haven location is so strategic since after window shopping, you need a little break and refreshments like some good bites to recharge your mood and keep you going on for more and have a good time.

Garden at the top of Orchard Central
Garden at the Top of Orchard Central Mall

After roaming around the mall and appreciating the unique design of each floor, we went to the one of the open-air balconies to have some fresh air and to have a birds eye view of the city.

The luxury, the top-notch brands and sprawling retailers, the ambiance, and the facilities all in a whole gave me a magnificent feel, which I can never forget.


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