R15-based OPPO 5G smartphone terminal
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Travel Gadget: Make Way for OPPO 5G Technology this 2019

OPPO Makes Another Headline as they Announce Latest Developments on 5G Internet Connection

MANILA, Philippines – For the first time ever, OPPO was able to access 5G internet. This was posted on a popular Social Media site on China named Sina Weibo. The announcement was made by OPPO Global Vice President and President of China Business Department Brain Shen. OPPO is now the leading Smartphone phone company to research and develop 5G which paves way for OPPO 5G phones next year for the brand.

OPPO F9 Review
OPPO F9 Review

The post put into detail the process done in their laboratory which included the connection of R15 Smartphone terminal and a 5G network. It was tested on a 5G Smartphone that isn’t out on the market yet but using OPPO R15 as its basis. They used a System board, RF, RFFE and antenna which all have 5G components. There’s also a 5G logo placed on the right corner of the screen.

The company has recently partnered with Qualcomm Technologies to explore the possibilities in the 5G network. OPPO announced this at the Beijing 2018 Qualcomm and China Technology and Cooperation Summit. They named their partnership ‘5G Pilot’ program. OPPO also revealed their Research Institute to further advance their Smartphone innovations. The laboratory will take charge in finding ways to address consumer needs and to provide more technology enhancements in their future products.

The OPPO Research Institute is located in Shenzhen while their other R&D centers can be found in Shanghai, Beijing, Silicon Valley, and Yokohama.

Director of OPPO Standard Research Center Henry Tang mentions ‘Ubiquitous Reality’ which s about 5G and 3D vision. It’s supposed to allow users ‘ubiquitous real-world applications’ such as 3D video calls, online games, AR shopping, and AR selfies.

OPPO has been researching about international 5G standard since 2015. They’re taking lead and according to International Standards Organization 3GPP, OPPO is a global tech company submitting the most number of documents.

R15-based OPPO 5G smartphone terminal
R15-based OPPO 5G smartphone terminal

The company is advancing in terms of 5G video call which they did use a 3D structured light technology, 5G applications, 3D vision, ambient intelligence, and 3D image camera. The most sought-after feature of OPPO is also something the company is enhancing. They used a 3D image camera on an OPPO mobile phone to test D portrait information.

OPPO is working hard to make new developments that will put them in the number one pot for 5G technology and to give users something to look forward to this coming 2019.

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