Mt. Capistrano chronicles

Our only decent picture after the trek.

Mt. Capistrano chronicles

Entry #3 Global Youth Forum 2017: Writing Contest for Sustainable Tourism

Every place has a name and it is named according to its purpose like how the mountains, lakes and rivers were named after its own history and value.

This picture is taken in the summit of Mt. Capistrano. The view is facing the rice fields of Brgy.Managok and Simaya.
This picture is taken in the summit of Mt. Capistrano. The view is facing the rice fields of Brgy.Managok and Simaya.

As a young adventurer I have noticed how places have been named after its historic past and that’s what I love the most every time I went with my ate and kuya in their adventure.

My ate and kuya is a great team of adventurer. They always find time to go to places like climbing mountains, visiting tribal territories, river trekking, and other interesting stuffs. As a teenager it always comes to my mind to also visit the places my elder sister and brother had visited because after their every trip they always carry with them their interesting stories about their adventure.

I got the chance last year of October to join them in their nth climb of the infamous Mt. Capistrano of Simaya, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

Final glimpse in the top.
Final glimpse on the top.

We ride a motorcycle going to Mt. Capistrano together with my elder sister, brother, and two cousins who were from davao city and three of my sister’s friends from Cebu City.

When we arrived at the place, we went to the barangay secretary’s house who is in charged of the logbook for record purposes. We paid 20 pesos each. When we reach the foot of the mountain we were asked by my sister to give her one peso each for “lugbak”. That day I learned that we need to “lugbak” asking for the guardians of the mountains to let us in safely. We throw one peso coin and ask the guardian spirits of the mountain to cleanse us to let us climb the peak.

It was already 7am and the sun is up but not to hot. It was an open trail up to the middle of the climb and a close canopy after. It was a relief to get rid the sun and to be welcomed by the very cool breeze. It was an “assault trail” because it was difficult. The trail is slippery because it rained the night before our trek. we reached the top almost 10 am. The view is just awesome! I was really happy that time to finally be at the summit. After we had our lunch we started a clean up drive. We pick up all the litters left by the irresponsible trekkers.

We have filled a sack with garbage. I realized that many people just climb mountains and don’t even understand how sacred the place is.

Our only decent picture after the trek.
Our only decent picture after the trek.

My sister always reminds me to always be responsible with my waste even if its just a candy wrapper.

We went down the mountain with the garbage we pick at the summit. It was very rewarding. I feel so proud that I had the chance to clean Mt. Capistrano—the mountain where Captain Capistrano hid himself and his troop during world war 2. Many lives was saved because of that mountain and many lives were also taken.

Mt. Capistrano is a sacred place. It deserves respect. It should be taken cared of.

Note: Winners of this “Writing Contest for Sustainable Tourism” get free registration and accommodation at the Global Youth Forum 2017, which will be held from February 20 – 21, 2017 at the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, plus other exciting prizes.
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