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Mohzy Loop Micro USB & Apple iPhone Cable Review


Mohzy Loop is a USB cable with an interesting and unique design. This cable is designed to combine both style and utility on to a single piece of device. This USB connector is compatible with Apple based iPhones, iPods as well as android and Blackberry devices too. Compatibility across wide mobile platforms makes it a ‘universal’ USB cable. The new cable from Mohzy loop arrives in a wide range of colours from which the users can opt one to own.

Mohzy Loop Micro USB & Apple iPhone Cable
Mohzy Loop Micro USB & Apple iPhone Cable

Mohzy loop usb cable can be used for multi-purposes. It can be used not just as a port for transferring data from one device to another but also for charging the battery of all the compatible devices. Another interesting aspect of this product is that it can be used as a trendy wristband also. I was quite impressed when i had a first hand experience of this multi-purpose product. This port can be clipped together with the help of magnets that are attached to both the ends of the USB cable. It is also possible to attach this usb cable on your bag also as an additional accessory.

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Mohzy Loop USB and iPhone Cable
Mohzy Loop USB and iPhone Cable

It has got other interesting uses too. With it being a magnetic cable, you can easily hang on notes and photos using this to any metallic surface. You could easily get deceived in look too. You need to take a close look to really understand that this is in fact an USB cable. Otherwise people might think that it is just a normal wristband. This product is generally a 2 in 1 cable which can be used both as a micro USB as well as an iPod dock connector.

The Mohzy loop USB cable can support Micro USB as well. The product is extremely lighter in weight. It just weighs around 18 grams. The size specification of this product is 23 x 1.2 x 1.0 cm. This product has an official licensed Apple Adapter by means of which users will be able to charge the Apple products that ranges from iPhone to iPads to iPods.

Mohzy Loop USB and iPhone Cable
Mohzy Loop USB and iPhone Cable

The most interesting feature of this USB cable is its flat profile as well as design which make it easy to carry as well as place inside the purse or bags. You can be sure that it won’t get twisted even if the bag is stuffed. The magnetic feature on both the sides of the cable is what impressed me a lot. That is what makes it a multi-purpose device and it can be used as wristband and as a magnetic holder for clipping business cards and photos.

The colours with which Mohzy loop usb cable are available include juicy pink, fiesta orange, citrus yellow, fresh lime as well as tidal blue etc. Those who wish to buy this product can choose from a wide range of 18 colours. In addition to all these features, the price seems to be very affordable. Mohzy Loop USB cable can be purchased at Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box for only  Php795.



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  1. I’m not one for reviewing cables but when the Mini USB Data Sync and Charging Cable for Apple’s iPhone and iPods came across my desk.

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