Meeting Kind People Around the World

Guest Post by John Rescigno

The Good Samaritans We rendezvous Along the Way

I have a very flexible time to get to the dock that day. It was my first time to travel by ocean to proceed to the beach solely. All things are crammed and prepared but what I was not able to foresee are the after noon swell. By 2PM, they broadcast that they have to annul the trip due to big waves. An approaching gale at that time is on its way and affecting the sea swell.

Clelia Mattana of
Clelia Mattana of with friendly locals in Siargao Island

I sensed too much annoyance after an outsider offered a free overnight stay since that was my first time. I was even stimulated to understand if I would be feeling sea ill or not. My friends told me that it is unavoidable for the first timers. Now, how will I understand?

So much for my first time!

The first thing I have in brain is where to stay. I was only twenty years vintage then and I still do not about cheap accommodations hostels at this time. A woman sat adjacent me and begins mumbling in an furious pitch. I can estimate her annoyance, too, as she holds on tapping the letters on her phone. When it beeps, she will start tapping again – I estimate, to answer to somebody she has been exchanging texts with. With that, I begun conversing to her. And I am right – she is one of those travellers whose journey has been cancelled. Just like me!

After a couple of attempts to on with the journey, she eventually gave up and notified me if I just want to stay in her location that is just a one hour drive from the port. The rainfall begins to dispense and we are all getting wet despite being under a Nipa Hut.

I caught the possibility and said yes. The young female, who is dwelling with her co-teachers, humbly acknowledged me to their rented dwelling and let me doze for a night. The morning after, we both made an affirmation to proceed to the port during the first half of the day. This is to double-check that we will not experience the identical inconvenience yesterday.

My owner as a Free trip Guide

It was my birthday and I thought of going to a location where I have not ever been to before. Throughout the designing, I decided to select a far from the common places to stay that I always did – selecting a homestay. Homestay is where you get to live with the family in the Philippines by giving you one replacement room in their dwelling and pay lesser than what you are generally giving in a hotel.

I do not have any itinerary at hand. It was just the first hand data I studied former to going to the place. Plus, I also have my ever dependable chart with me. To my surprise, my host notified me that they can give me a free tour of the place. At first, I was hesitant to accept the offer but when they told me about the setup (free for the direct but I only have to pay for the entry fees), I grabbed the chance. Why not! It’s for free! Since then, they have become my self-appointed trip direct until it is time for me to proceed back to work.

These stories can proceed on for hours and I am telling you, I will not ever run out of encounters with good Samaritans during my trips. There are lots of them. I guess I am just fortuitous that I always rendezvous somebody throughout my travel and they make my days easier.With all the years of wandering, I have learned when to turn off my cautious edge and just believe the natives on that location where I am with. Letting my guards down then is not an option I am giving to myself. In the process, I wise that I can overlook about it and just proceed with the flow. By far, I have not encountered any mistreats so far from those natives.

What does it says about my or your trips?

This means that we do not have to be over careful. discover to combine with the natives and you will glimpse that connection makes it all simpler for you to have a thriving journey. If you were able to blend with them they will become your protector as well. furthermore, if you are on the budget side, they can give you tips on how you can spend your cash wisely throughout your whole stay on their place. If you recall on my 2nd article, they even suggested to be my free trip guide. In all honesty, I was deeply affected by that act. These persons do not understand me yet they assisted me all the way! In reality, I think a century times to help someone because my defensive and cautious edge is habitually on. However, I have to admit that with all these knowledge, I am beginning to get soft. My grin is, most of the times, now prepared to greet new people I have yet to understand. I do not believe two times that much anymore to start a dialogue with a stranger. How far will you go to help somebody? particularly if that somebody is somebody you not ever knew before? An entire outsider!

Inquiry of It All

I found myself asking this inquiry one evening after I skilled another kind help from a stranger. In this place where aggression and ‘i-don’t-care’ attitudes are very rampant, what do these kind persons get from being too giving? Are they just easily naïve? Or, is it because the need of exposure to modern way of dwelling makes them like this? Will be the rest of the persons in this world that does not give a condemn care if they experienced the fast paced life that we are dwelling?

I wish the only cause for them acting that way is because they are easily like that – a kind of sign that gives balance to this world where disorder, greed and anger are more well liked than being kind, naïve and pure.

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