Masskara Festival 2012

Masskara Festival is a popular annual celebration that is celebrated in the city of Bacolod which is located in the Negros Island in Philippines. The festival is celebrated in the month of October annually for the past 30 years.

bacolod maskara festival 2012
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As you know every year thousands of tourists visit the lovely city of Bacolod in Philippines just to watch the festival. Masskara Festival is also a major attraction for both domestic and international tourists.

The word Masskara means ‘A Mass of smiling faces’ in English. The mask itself is one of the distinct characteristics of the festival. Visitors can see that native people wearing smiling masks decorated with beads as well as ornaments and dancing throughout the festival across the major streets of Bacolod.

The major attraction of the festival itself is the street dancing that takes place in addition to the partying which makes the festival day truly remarkable for both the tourists as well as the locals. The festival event takes place mainly on a weekend that is closest to October 19 which is considered to be the Foundation Day of the City. The festival provides the visitors more than that of the colorful street dancing that takes place accordingly to the rhythm of the Latin music beats.

Other major activity that takes place during the Masskara Festival includes Masskara Beauty contest followed by carnivals, food festivals as well as sports events. Additional activities include the musical shows, trade fairs as well as garden shows and drum performance. It is full of time and a mix of music, scenic beauty and delicious foods which make the festive mood unparalleled to tourists as well as native people.

The festival is being celebrated since 1980. The main reason for celebrating the festival was to overcome the gloomy situation which Bacolod city was facing that time. Sugar prices hit all time low and also a tragedy took place when an inter-island vessel carrying many Negrenses that includes those belonging to the prominent families in Bacolod City collided with another vessel and sank. It was estimated that close to 700 lives were lost in the tragedy that took place.

The festival began to be celebrated as a declaration by the people that no matter the tough times they are facing, Bacolod City is going to survive as well as finally triumph with residents considering this as an opportunity to come out of their home and enjoy the festival keeping aside their sorrows as well as difficulties.

Masskara festival 2012 is going to add splendor to the tradition of visiting this festival of lights in a more broader and deeper manner.
  1. airlkah revina says

    My disappointment! what I saw were disorganized parade, ukay-ukay, everything that can be sold were in the streets! I did not see the real art of the people in bacolod coz all advertisements were there! I just lost my time to nothing!

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