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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Marinduque

MongPong Island

Travel Guide to Marinduque Island: The Heart of the Philippines

Marinduque is famously known as the “Heart of the Philippines”, simply because the island is heart-shaped. Geographically speaking, it is the reference point of all maps in the country since it is situated in the center of the Philippine archipelago.

Marinduque is composed of six municipalities namely Boac – the provincial capital, Gasan, Mogpog, Buenavista, Torrijos, and Santa Cruz. Other than that, it is surrounded by the crystalline waters of the Sibuyan Sea and Tayabas Bay. Marinduque is well-known for the Moriones Festival that is being celebrated throughout the Holy Week.

MongPong Island
MongPong Island

In this Travel Guide to Marinduque Island Blog, we listed some tips on how you can do your own DIY trip to Marinduque. We also included Marinduque Island Itinerary, Things to do and see, Tour Packages, how to get there and more.

Marinduque Map

How to get there

By Air:

Cebu Pacific Flights from Manila to Marinduque
Cebu Pacific Flights from Manila to Marinduque

Cebu Pacific now offers flights from Manila to Marinduque Island. The flight schedule is every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The Manila-Marinduque Flight will depart from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 4 in Manila.

By land and sea – Three Options

Option No. 1  Roro Bus from Manila to Marinduque

Ride a bus from Cubao bound to Marinduque. Jac liner offers daily trips for only P900 – P1000 per person.

Option No. 2 Travel to Lucena City — (Manila – Dalahican Port Lucena – Balanacan Port Marinduque)

  1. Ride a bus from Cubao or Buendia (near LRT station) en route to Lucena Grand Terminal, Lucena.
  2. Take a jeep or tricycle to Dalahican Port.
  3. Ride a RORO (roll-on-roll-off) or fastcraft bound to Balanacan Port in the town of Mogpog
  4. From Balanacan Port, numerous jeepneys are there bound to different municipalities


  • Bus: P227 (business class), P159 (economy)
  • Jeep: P10
  • Tricycle: P160
  • RORO: P130-P260 (Starhorse)
  • Fastcraft: P280-P312
  • Terminal fee (Dalahican): P24-P30

Option No. 3 Via Pinamalayan in Mindoro (Manila – Oriental Mindoro – Marinduque)

  1. Ride a bus from Cubao or Buendia to Batangas Port
  2. Buy a ticket bound to Calapan Pier (Fastcraft or RORO)
  3. From Calapan, ride a Van bound to Pinamalayan (PVANS)
  4. Take a tricycle to Pinamalayan Port
  5. Ride a large boat to Gasan Port, Marinduque (11:00am)


  • Bus: 130-P170
  • Fastcraft: P200-P280
  • RORO: P192-P220
  • Van: P100-P120
  • Tricycle: P10
  • Large boat: P250
  • Terminal fee (Batangas): P24-P30
Caving in Marinduque
Caving in Marinduque

Where to Eat

GoodChow Food Express

Escape the usual fastfoods in Manila with the only fastfood in Marinduque. There are a lot of GoodChow branches in Marinduque

Cost: P100 – P150 per person

Kusina sa Plaza (Boac)

Have a meal at Kusina sa Plaza whilst it take you to the Spanish time with its preserved Spanish house serving the best of the bests delicacies in Marinduque. Including, ulang-ulang.

Cost: P250 – P400 per person

Boac Market

Try the Bibingkang Lalaki (male bibingka) in Boac market. It became as a joke because the Bibingka is topped with salted egg.

In Sta. Cruz, you can try Bibingkang Pinahiran. Spread on top with thick sweet syrup.

Other places to eat:

  • Buon Appetito Restaurant
  • C Grill
  • Balthazar’s Tavern
  • Joti Eatery
  • Luxur Resort and Restaurant
Marinduque Travel Guide
Marinduque Travel Guide

Where to Stay

Boac Hotel (Boac)

It is a great place to stay because of its convenience having situated near the town market, ATMs, and GoodChow Food Express. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and a private bathroom.

Cost: P500 – P2500 per night

Residencia de Palo Maria (Sta. Cruz)

A quiet and simple place to stay that serves fresh and good foods. Also has a swimming pool.

Cost: P500 – P2300 per night

Other places to stay:

  • Lucky Seven Pension House (Boac) – P300/person
  • Abby’s Place (Boac) – P900/night
  • Tahanan Sa Isok (Boac) – P1000-P2000
  • Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa (Buenavista)
  • Villa Briones (Poctoy Beach, Torrijos)
  • Club Marinduque (Gasan)
  • Book Hotels Online and get discounted rates via
Moriones Festival
Moriones Festival

Pasalubong Shopping

Arrowroot Cookies

Famously known as Marinduque’s specialty – arrowroot cookies is a great pasalubong for your friends and families. Various stores and souvenir shops in Marinduque offer arrowroot cookies.

Cost: P100-P150 per 250gram

Narra Furniture

Discover and buy home furniture in Mogpog carved with complex designs including sala set, bed, and cabinet.

Cost may vary per furniture

Woven table runners and placemats

Buy woven placemats and table runners in Torrijos. It became a source of livelihood for the women’s of Marinduque.


  • Six set of placemats – P300
  • Six set of tablerunners – P400
Palad Sandbar in Marinduque
Palad Sandbar in Marinduque

Marinduque Pasalubong Center

Visit the Pasalubong Center showcasing the local products of Marinduque including handicrafts, souvenir products, and home accessories, and bagoong.

Things to do in Marinduque

Island Hopping – Tres Reyes Islands

Experience snorkeling, sunbathing and swimming in the group of islands of Gaspar, Melchor, and Balthazar named after the three kings. You can reach the islands by banka from Gasan.


  • Banka – P1000 (good for 7-12 persons)
  • Banka (Gaspar Island only) – P500

Also includes snorkel gears and sets for 12 persons

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Cave Exploration – Ka-Amon Cave

Be thrilled as you discover stalagmites and stalactites. Every guide covers a group of six persons with headlamps and helmets included.

Guide fee: P150

Visit the Ecopark – Isla del Carmen

Discover the ecotourism site in Marinduque as you kayak along the mangrove forest, zip lining, and enjoy peace in the eco-park.

Kayak – P120

Seaside Experience – Poctoy Beach

White Sand Beach in Marinduque Travel Guide
White Sand Beach – Marinduque Travel Guide

Walk and feel the white sand of Poctoy Beach. Best spot for sunrise and sunset viewing as you capture moments worth to treasure. Just be careful with sea urchins.

Moriones Festival

During Holy Week, you can join and watch the numerous activities in Moriones Festival. Like parades of the Morions and reenactments of the sufferings of Jesus Christ. Also, Watch the famous outlook of the beheading of St. Longinus who was a roman centurion accepted Christianity.

Sunset in Marinduque
Sunset in Marinduque

Also see the list of: Best Things to do in Marinduque

How to get around

There are many ways getting around in Marinduque, you can choose from jeeps, tricycles, and FXs. But it is highly recommended and very convenient if you choose tricycle. Why? Because you have the freedom to manage where you want to go at a cheaper price.

If you are in Boac, you can just walk around without getting lost or you can simply ask for a tourist map in the municipal hall.

Truly, Marinduque is a great place to visit although getting there is a bit of a hassle. “It’s all worth it” as they say. Most tourists visit Marinduque during Holy Week.

Some of the photos are courtesy of Dream Favor Travel and Tours.

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