The Fourth Madrid Fusion Manila Is Happening On September

Madrid Fusion Manila 2018 is set on September this year according to The Tourism Promotions Board (TPB). Philippine News Agency (PNA) reports that head of TPB Marketing and Promotions Sector Maricon Ebron narrated that Foro de Debate suggested that the gastronomy congress be held from September 25-29.

2018 Madrid Fusion Manila
2018 Madrid Fusion Manila

The dates are what were decided upon by the Spanish organizer and Madrid Fusion trademark owner (Foro de Debate) last April 3. This is after reports surfaced that the international culinary event is no longer happening due to differences in schedules and required bidding process.

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“Actually it was really going to push through, ang requirements lang, we need to comply with the procurement law,” Ebron said. She added that the mix up about the event is because there was delay in the dates.

She clarified that at the beginning, there were problems about available dates for the events, the venues and chefs’ schedules which they needed to confirm.

Madrid Fusion 2018 Manila
Madrid Fusion 2018 Manila

An April 4 statement from TPB COO Cesar Montano said that they continue to recognize the importance of MFM for awareness of the country’s culinary heritage worldwide. He said that the 2018 fourth edition of MFM is most likely to happen since there are “new developments and change in logistical requirements” which can benefit the government.

Ebron added that the Madrid Fusion Manila 2018 handler and venue will depend on bidding results conducted by TPB.

The Philippine Association of Convention/Exhibition Organizers and Suppliers, Inc. (PACEOS) took charge of the first three MFM events. The event was held at SMX Convention Center.

Madrid Fusion Manila 2018
Madrid Fusion Manila 2018

There were complaints however about running the occasion in the same place and having the same organizer manage it each year. PACEOS got the role because it was awarded to them which wasn’t through the bidding system. After the first MFM, Foro de Debate wanted to have PACEOS again as organizers according to Ebron.

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