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Mabuhay Restop: Discovering Filipino Food and Culture


Mabuhay Restop offers visitors more than a meal or a tourist information stop – they offer a view into Filipino culture, including food, that encapsulates much of what is fun and enjoyable about our culture. Visitors from around the country and around the world come to see what’s on at Mabuhay Restop, because what you get when you come is something special and unique – uniquely Filipino!

Manila Vanila Musical Comedy Show
Manila Vanila Musical Comedy Show

Filipino Food

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There are a lot of great restaurants in Metro Manila, so it can be hard to choose which you’ll enjoy if you’re visiting for a short amount of time. While I also recommend some smaller places, and encourage everyone to sample the fantastic street vendor foods of Manila, I also think having at least one meal at Mabuhay Restop. In this restaurant, It’s not just about good food, It’s a buffet of famous Filipino food from different parts of the archipelago. The buffet table has Filipino favorites like Adobong Kangkong, Beef Caldereta, Sotanghon Guisado, Shrimp with Alavar Sauce and fish fillet.

Caldereta - a popular Filipino Favorite
Caldereta – a popular Filipino Favorite

Nothing super fancy, but everything is flavorful and there’s plenty of options at the buffet so everyone will find something they enjoy. Just don’t arrive starving, as items can run out and you may have to wait to get just what you want.

Filipino Buffet Spread
Filipino Buffet Spread

Shows and Fun

The Manila Vanilla comedy show is worth seeing if you’re interested in a silly but friendly show about life in the Philippines. More than just talented music and stage actors, expect tons of music as well as individual skits by comedians and actors, and even performances of regional dances.

Halo-Halo and Dessert Station
Halo-Halo and Dessert Station

It’s a great introduction and it can help people to understand just what is going on out there when they tour around the country or the city. The show is in English with just a few songs in Tagalog.

Soup and Salad Bar
Soup and Salad Bar

Art Gallery and Tour

There’s also a display of Filipino artwork at Mabuhay Restop, so if you’re interested be sure to leave yourself a bit of time to peruse some of the works on display. The gallery offers a bit of a different view into Filipino culture which complements the rest of the experience nicely.

Filipino Arts and Crafts
Filipino Arts and Crafts

If you’re interested and have time, they also offer cultural tours in different parts of the country. Just a bit more information about the work that they’re doing, including history and information about the charity that they raise money for. 30% of profits go to Gawad Kalinga, which conducts projects in the Philippines.

Gay Mitra Emami dancing Tinikling
Gay Mitra Emami dancing Tinikling

Mabuhay Restop is also offering catering services and the place itself can hold corporate events and special occations.

Kundiman Night
Kundiman Night


You can really make a day of it if you want to. Mabuhay Restop is located across from Rizal Park and not far from Manila Ocean Park. After some time inside and a big meal, it’s nice to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful park once called Bagumbayan.

Pinoy Travel Bloggers with Manila Vanila Team
Pinoy Travel Bloggers with Manila Vanilla Team

After the show, we were introduced to Ms. Rose Cabrera – the restaurant owner. Her passion for Good Food and Love for Filipino Culture made her decide to open a restaurant with this concept. Ms. Rose Cabrera is a practicing Lawyer in the US before she decided to move back to her homeland to help Gawad Kalinga and to continue her passion of promoting the Philippines to the world.

Mabuhay Restop Contact Information:
South Drive, Area II, Rizal Park, Ermita Manila 1000, Philippines
(T.M. Kalaw St. & Roxas Blvd.)
Phone: 02-359-7927, 0917-810-8194
Email: info@mabuhayrestops.com
Website: http://www.mabuhayrestops.com



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