Finland vs. Canada: Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2014

Pyrotechnics in combination with musical shows are now very popular around the world. These days if you go to a big fireworks show, it’s likely that the effort, energy, and artistry that goes into the production is extensive, and the results are dramatic, beautiful, moving, and awe-inspiring.

Fantastic Pyromusical Performance from Canada
Fantastic Pyromusical Performance from Canada

The Philippines has hosted an International Pyromusical Competition for the past four years, and right now we’re in the midst of the 5th Annual Philippine International Pyromusical Competition, which started on March 8th and goes until March 22, 2014.

Fireworks from Royal Pyrotechnie of Canada
Fireworks from Royal Pyrotechnie of Canada

If you haven’t seen any of the shows yet, you probably don’t realize how competitive fireworks shows can be. But the competitors from around the world, including the Philippines, the USA, Germany, China, Spain, Great Britain, France, Australia, and Japan, have shown just how great a pyromusical show can be when the competitors are serious and dedicated to the craft.

The Finland vs. Canada show, which is the one I saw last weekend, was simply spectacular. I know that’s the idea with pyromusical shows, but it’s hard to resist using that word. Another word that works is ‘stunning’ – because I was literally stunned by the two displays.

Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd from Finland
Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd from Finland

Finland has a more outside-of-the-box style, perhaps verging on risk taking (if that term can be applied to a display of colorful explosives timed to music), while Canada’s offering seemed to be more traditional, in the sense that it was slightly predictable in the emotional music combinations. But that doesn’t take away from the effect. If anything, they’re so good at using a familiar style that it makes the show even more… well… stunning.

Pyromusical Performance from Finland
Pyromusical Performance from Finland

Overall, I think everyone who watched the showdown between Finland and Canada will agree with me that Canada’s performance is way better than Finland.

This coming saturday, USA’s Atlas Pyro Vision will showcase their pyromusical routine while Platinum Fireworks from the Philippines will be performing this seasons closing exhibition.

Where to buy tickets?

SM Ticket Booth, Ticketnet and Ticketworld outlets. Tickets are priced at:

How much are the tickets?

  • Silver P100
  • Gold P300
  • VIP P500
  • Patron P1,500

The last Pyromusical weekend is coming up and if you haven’t gone to see it from down by the water, do everything you can to make it. The shimmering reflection off the water adds to the experience, with nothing but space between you and gigantic explosions in the sky.

  1. Anoname says

    Hi! Those are really nice pics of last year’s Pyromusical competition. Hope you don’t mind if I ask, at which spot did you take these shots? Thanks!

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