Lost in Dumaguete

Dumaguete City Travel Guide

Day 4, we were supposed to fly back to Manila via Dumaguete Airport but due to some unpredictable delays, we arrived at the airport as the plane departs for Manila. Left with no other option, we found ourselves loaded in a van heading to Dumaguete City for an overnight stay.

Dumaguete City March 15'2010
Old Silliman University Building

We are not exactly lost, we were simply stuck in the city while arranging for the next available early morning flight. While heading to the city proper, all of us agreed that Dumaguete City is indeed peaceful, quiet and a little bit laid back compare to other cities that we’ve been to in the Visayas.

monterey dumaguete
Monterey Anyone?

After leaving our things in Worldview Pension House, I walked around the city to familiarize myself and take photos as well. While walking towards Rizal Boulevard I saw several interesting architectural landmarks including the old Silliman University Building.

Dumaguete heritage sites
The Spanish Heritage Building

Facing the old Port is the beautiful Silliman University building which was built in 1903. Silliman Univeristy got its name from Dr. Horace B. Silliman – a Protestant missionary from the USA who funded the establishment of the school. Along Rizal Boulevard, I saw a lot of interesting restaurants and business establishments like Spa’s, Dive Shops and Party places.

Rizal Boulevard
Afternoon in Rizal Boulevard

After taking few photos of some beautiful heritage buildings in Dumaguete, I went straight to Sans Rival Cafe to meet the rest of group. Finally I got the chance to taste Dumaguete’s famous Sans Rival and Silvanas. While having a late Merienda, Azrael was contacted by Yogajane via Plurk and invited us to visit Howyang Cuisine – a Chinese fastfood restaurant owned by Mimi Young – YogaJane’s sister-in-law.

Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries Dumaguete
Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries Dumaguete

We had a wonderful dinner, I loved their Lomi soup, pancit, hakaw and their best tasting desserts. We were supposed to walk around the boulevard after dinner to tryout their tempura balls (sold like fishballs) but everyone agreed to head back to the hotel and and take advantage of the free WiFi.


While everyone is in the lobby checking their emails and updating blogs, I decided to just go to the Internet cafe located right across the street. I was supposed to go to Bethel Guest House to meet a friend I met in a diving trip in Palawan but Im already tired and sleepy so I just notified them via SMS instead.

Bloggers at Howyang Cuisine
Bloggers at Howyang Cuisine

Everyone surprisingly woke up early, I guess we just want to make sure that the plane will not leave us again:) Before leaving the hotel, we requested from Worldview Pension House to have our breakfast packed but to our surprise, the food was not individually packed. The food was mixed altogether inside a plastic bag as if we will be having picnic somewhere else.

Trycycle in Dumaguete
Trycycle in Dumaguete

We cant complain since the breakfast was complimentary but what happened to the word “Common Sense” LOL. We ended up having our breakfast in a restaurant located in the airport vicinity.

Dumaguete City March 15'2010
At the Dumaguete Airport : Paalam Dumaguete:(

Dumaguete is truly the city of gentle people, good food and peaceful environment. Getting stuck in Dumaguete City was a blessing in disguise and given a chance… I will definitely go back to dive in Apo Island:)

  1. Philippines Law Library says

    Great website. Love the information.

  2. Vir Antonio says

    Nice post about my hometown!

    The next time you’re in Dumaguete, better try Gabby’s Bistro and Sta. Teresa restaurants…they offer great amenities and food at very affordable prices!

  3. melo says

    @Vir – will visit those restos next time:) thanks for the tips

  4. abel says

    Nobody gets stuck in Dumaguete!!!:) To say that the city is beautiful is an understatement. It is one of the Top 10 best places to retire in the entire world according to a US-based magazine. European and foreign restos abound and with prices that are too good to be true and yet are. Great schools. Great Hospitals. Great Sports facilites. Great architectures. Great People. Great food. Great Musicians. What more can you ask for?

  5. joselle says

    great post! I love the early morning photos showing how quiet the city is a few minutes after daybreak. You definitely had a great time during your stay here 🙂

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    1. Landa says

      Thanks arjay! Ang laking tulong mo samin hehehe. Bagong bestrfriend na nmin si Go Hotel. hahahah

      Love the place. Love the services

    2. Niel says

      Thanks thanks! your reall a big help. Great!

  7. Mel says

    Nice recommendation Arjay P.
    I google it and saw that its really good.
    Thanks for all the infos!

    1. RR says

      Yes and saw that they also have branches sa iba. Sana mas madagdagan pa sa ibang place.

  8. Titing says

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