Isla Walang Langaw in Coron Palawan

Few years back, I was fortunate to be able to visit the wonderland of nature that we call Isla Walang Langaw near Club Paradise Resort in Dimakya Island. This paradise on earth sits amidst rock formations and surrounded by some of the most clear and beautiful tropical waters in the world. I know it sounds funny but “Langaw” (pronounced as Lang-aw) in Palawan means Trees and since there are no excisting trees in the island,  the locals named the island “Isla Walang Langaw”.

Isla Walang Langaw
Isla Walang Langaw

Both beautiful and peaceful, you can come here and hide with assurance that the rest of the world won’t find you. A part of the Calamian Group of Islands, it sits at the very edge of the Philippines and stretches on to the edge of infinity with a purposeful meaning that only those who know how to relax can truly understand.

Rock Formations
Rock Formations

From Manila it takes about an hour to fly there and then another hour of journeying from a close to the ground or water elevation. This small island is visible from Dimakya Island – an island which is more than nineteen hectares of land and some of the most acutely gorgeous beaches in all of the world, the island is home to a surprisingly diverse population of plants and animals.

Inside the Cave
Inside the Cave

Even if you aren’t into seeing living things, you can stretch your soul and body out on the perfect soft sand or swim in the emerald waters with the sun shining on you and making you feel wonderful. If you think you already had enough sun, you can go inside the cave and cool down a bit.

Have Fun
Have Fun

Perfect skies with a minimum of clouds make this the ideal place to just be. Then comes the sunset. If you want your soul to ignite with passion and explode like a supernova because of the amazing beauty of a place, than you need look no further than Isla Walang Langaw. More than Boracay, this is the spot that will take you to heaven.

Surrounded by the Sulu Sea and the Luzon Sea, this is where the heavens meet with the terrestrial. In the water you will find sponges, an abundance of corals and plants, plus plenty of parrot fish, bumpheads, sea squirts, and rainbow runners.

There are also some very rare giant clams in the undersea world here, so keep on the lookout! The reefs here are healthy and full and you will find endangered sea turtles as a result of that plus lobsters, and other amazing sea life. If you need to renew your batteries to go on with life, this is where you need to be.
  1. Josiah says

    Bakit kaya sa mga tours hindi nila sinasama ito? If I think about it, that’s actually what’s preserving the secludedness and the beauty of this Isla walang langaw. Great post. 🙂

  2. AJ says

    It’s an amazing place!! I did not know about it eithere when I booked our stay at Club Paradise. We did an island escapade and I was blessed with the opportunity to propose to my girlfriend who is now my was our island for 3 hours..We’ve claimed it as “our” island :).. but we’re willing to share..

  3. cba says

    i want to visit the island soon!

  4. palawan for sale says

    Such an amazing place! it’s so mesmerizing. I really want to visit the place / island soon! can’t wait to be there!

  5. ron says

    Something strange and beautiful!

  6. Boracay says

    Wow! This is indeed, an amazing, strange, unique and beautiful cute island. I thought it’s called Isla Walang Langaw because there are no flies around. Langaw is fly in bisaya. 🙂 but anyway, i liked this.. thanks for sharing.. this’ll be my next destination target this summer.. 🙂

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