Iloilo’s Dinagyang Festival 2010 will deploy Choreographed street sweepers to add color to the yearly festival

Iloilo City’s street sweepers will not only be around as cleaners during the Dinagyang Festival 2010 here but they are also expected to entertain the crowd with their dancing prowess thus adding color to the celebration.

Dinagyang Festival 2010

Engr. Raul Gallo, the chief of the city’s General Services Office (GSO) and chairman of the Sanitation Committee of the 2010 Iloilo Dinagyang Festival, said the concept was presented to him by City Tourism and Development Officer Benito Jimena although the idea already cropped up last year.

Around 100 street sweepers will be deployed in four judging areas, along major thoroughfares and food festival sites.

Those who will be assigned at the judging areas will have to perform while they clean the performance area for participating tribes.

IloIlo Sto Nino Festival

“Hopefully, this would add color to the celebration. This is also an opportunity for our street sweepers to display their ability to do the dinagyang dance movements while sweeping at the same time,” Gallo said.

Meantime, Gallo announced that the no-collection, no segregation policy of the city would still be enforced even during the highlights of the Dinagyang that will kick off on Jan. 22 until 24.

Dinagyang 2010

Gallo added members of the Iloilo Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants Association (IHRAA) and occupants of kiosks are encouraged to come up with separate black bags for bio and non-biodegradable wastes during the food festival.

He disclosed the city will be deploying 20 garbage trucks to collect all wastes generated during the celebration which is expected at 60 tons per day. (PNA)

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  1. Meikah says

    This is an interesting new feature of the Dinagyang, and I’m more excited about it. Will be there this year, my first time ever to witness this festival. =)

  2. melo says

    @Meikah – I hope I can go back to Illoilo and experience Dinagyang again.. too bad I have a different destination this time:(

  3. r.Hyd says

    Thanks for this wonderfull post . Mabuhay Ka:-)

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