Travel Tips: How To Find The Cheapest Hotel Prices

There are a number of costs that come with booking a holiday, and I’m sure we can all agree that accommodation is the most important. Unless you have a friend or family member living at your holiday destination, you’ll need to look for and purchase nightly stays at accommodation, which usually, if you’re looking for an exquisite service, will cost an extortionate amount of money. However, there are ways to find a cheap hotel price, and once you’ve also saved money by investing in a travel card and EHIC renewal, you’ll find you’ll have plenty of extra cash to spend! Here are our top tips.

How To Find The Cheapest Hotel Prices
How To Find The Cheapest Hotel Prices

Earn Cashback With Your Stay

There are many websites available on the market that will pay you to book your hotel via their websites, such as Quidco and TopCashback. By using these websites to book your hotel, you’re able to save much more money as some of what you spend will make its way back to you, perfect for those on a stricter budget. Usually, these websites are free to sign up to, and while it can take up to two weeks to receive your cashback total, the rewards are often unbelievable when the time comes. Plus, it doesn’t end there! The mentioned websites work with numerous different companies, meaning that you might be eligible for cashback on other products!

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Compare Using Websites

This is usually quite a controversial one, however comparing hotels using websites can be extremely useful, especially when used in the correct way. Firstly, never judge prices by using a singular comparison site. Instead, it’s always worth using multiple comparison sites, as this way you get to choose from a larger selection while getting a deeper understanding of the prices of hotels. The best comparison sites will scour through an endless amount of websites in order to provide you with your best deal, so it’s always worth doing.

Finding Affordable Hotels
Finding Affordable Hotels

Trade A Hotel For A Villa

For families, in particular, it might be worth ditching the hotel and opting for a villa instead! This can save you hundreds on your holiday, as they will always work out significantly cheaper when traveling with a larger number of people. Plus, this isn’t just limited to being abroad, as private home rentals are available on numerous apps for holiday-makers to rent empty homes as opposed to booking a hotel for several nights. Usually, you can find really luxurious villas and private homes out of season, allowing you to save even more on your accommodation.

Book A Top Secret Hotel Room

You might have never heard of this before, however, top secret hotel rooms are often much cheaper than the usual. The majority of 4 or 5-star hotels will run a secret deal anonymously, meaning that you can receive a much cheaper deal with your accommodation, yet not actually know where you’ll be staying until the night before you arrive. While this can be quite a risk, it’s perfect for those who aren’t overly fussed about the hotel they stay in.

Cheap Hotel Room Rates
Cheap Hotel Room Rates

Luckily for you, finding the cheapest hotel prices isn’t rocket science, so you can sometimes enjoy the most luxurious hotel rooms for the fraction of the price. There’s a deal for solo travelers and families alike, allowing you to spend more of your precious money on quirky souvenirs and the best local cuisine!

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