Cheap flights offer gateway to new territories

AirAsia Promo Fares at the Philippine Travel Mart

Traveling becomes more and more exciting these days with the availability of cheap flights from low-cost airlines and low-cost hotels, everyone now has a chance to enjoy each vacation without spending too much.

The way our generation travels is an experience like no other generation has had. With the number of cheap flights that are now available, the world really has become our oyster. We can see places by going and visiting them that our parents and grandparents could only ever dream of doing.

The reason for this of course, is the increase in flights being offered by budget carriers. What started out as a few destinations now is multiple. We can travel where we like and at a price that is right too. Going on holiday somewhere these days doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime treat. It doesn’t even have to be an annual event now, because there is so much competition between airlines for our business that there is always a great deal to be found on flight prices.

And with deregulation, there is now the possibility to fly from all kinds of locations. Take the UK for example. It used to be that you had to fly out of the UK from Gatwick, Heathrow or Manchester. Now there are airports all over the country that have flights leading to all kinds of destinations. For example, you can fly from Leeds Bradford airport to places all over the UK and all over Europe.

So it’s now just as possible to spend the weekend in Prague or Dusseldorf or Turkey when you leave from Leeds airport as it is to catch the train and go and spend the weekend in London. And often, it doesn’t cost much more either!

By being able to see all these different and interesting places first-hand we, as a generation, might end up with a much broader perspective on life and the world than our parents and grandparents ever had the chance to.

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