Taxi Scams at Manila Airport
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How to Avoid Taxi Scams at Manila Airport

Manila Airport Taxi Scams

Avoid Taxi Scams at Manila Airport

If you’re the backpacker type or a commuter who’s in a budget, there will still come a time you need to take a taxi. Whether you’re on a rush, or it rains all of a sudden and you forgot to bring your umbrella, or you forgot to bring your phone and there’s no other way you can book a ride-sharing app – then chances are, you’ll need to take a taxi.

Manila Taxi Scams
Manila Taxi Scams

But what if you’re at Manila Airport? How will you make sure you are safe from taxi scamming? How will you know if the meter is running fair and smoothly? Remember when vlogger Haley Dasovich filmed her experience with a NAIA taxi driver who asked a 500 peso fare – from the airport to Rockwell? How can you avoid this kind of situation?

Whether you’re a Filipino, expat, or foreign traveler reading this blog, then you’re in luck my friend! We’ll be sharing with you some helpful tips on how to avoid taxi scams at Manila Airport. But don’t get us wrong! Taxi drivers are the best source of the latest news in the country, and fun to talk to as well. If you’re lucky enough, you also get to meet preachers too! Amen to that!

Ask the airport securities/personnel

Don’t be shy to ask. To make your life easier, just head over at the nearest dispatch station available at any of the airport terminals. You’ll see where most people queue – so follow them. From there, you’ll be given a coupon, just give your name and your destination, and you’re all good. Just make sure you bring small bills and coins with you for exact amount of fare.

Taxi Scams at Manila Airport
Taxi Scams at Manila Airport

Only Ride Taxis with Their Meter On

First of all, before getting in the taxi, ask the driver if he/she will turn on the meter. Riding taxis with their meter on will assure you that your fare is measured from your starting point to your desired destination. Never ever accept ride from taxis that offer you a proposed price.

Also, don’t act confused. Abusive taxi drivers usually take advantage of the first-timers in the city. Know where you’re going and advise the driver that you know other routes for lesser travel time. You can always open your GPS for sensible routes.

Research About the Philippine Taxi Fare Guide

Researching about the current flag down rate will help if you’re ever gotten to a debate with a driver regarding the unusual pricing in your ride. Research is key, my friend. As a matter of fact, you can also check out the taxi fare calculator. Click here for more information.

However, if you forgot to do your research and your phone battery is dead, then it’s best to ask for pricing advice from locals.

Be Cautious of Your Belongings

It always pays to be cautious. Remember that even the most organized ones can forget and misplace something during the travel – so this one’s a piece of important advice. It’s no longer the taxi driver’s fault when this happens.

Also, if you have a suitcase to be placed on the trunk, follow the driver and wait until he closes it, then that’s the time you are safe to enter the taxi. In this case, you’ll be safe from driver who plans to drive off your belongings. Also, keeps the doors and windows closed once you get in.

Get Grab App
Get Grab App

Book a Ride Sharing App

If you don’t really have a choice and you think it’s safer with Grab, then go for it. This also benefits you, as you get to see the current location and basic information of your driver. (Download the App via IOS or Android)

Take the UBE P2P Service

Another way to save yourself from taxi scams in Manila airport is taking the UBE P2P service instead;  the country’s first premium point-to-point bus service. It’s a convenient option for those going and leaving the airport, especially if they’re from Makati, Manila, and Quezon City.

New UBE Express P2P Bus from Quezon City to NAIA photo by Araneta Center FB
New UBE Express P2P Bus from Quezon City to NAIA photo by Araneta Center FB

What differs this from other buses is that it’s equipped with GPS technology, CCTV cameras, and PWD access. To know more about the routes and schedule of the P2P buses, visit

Taxis in Manila are safe in general. There are lots of hardworking, trustworthy, and friendly taxi drivers who oftentimes work 48 hours straights to put food on the table. Plus! they are the most updated people when it comes to the latest happenings in the country. You can even a small talk regarding politics and their opinion on current events.

Kudos to all the drivers out there! And for the commuters, be safe and always be cautious.

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