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(Baguio City, Philippines) Baguio isn’t the way as it used to be but would you believe that after experiencing catastrophes, overpopulation and hike in temperature; it remains a top tourist spot in the Philippines? Why not, going to and from Baguio is already an experience. The majestic view of the Cordillera Mountains from Baguio’s point of view is something that you can’t see elsewhere. The temperature can still get really cold and don’t mind the population because there are places which you can enjoy like in The Manor in Camp John Hay (hotel info).

The Manor at Camp John Hay Review
The Manor Hotel at Camp John Hay Review photo via Facebook Page

About The Manor Hotel at Camp John Hay

Nestled at 5,000 feet above sea level is the epitome of world-class service and old-world charm. The 4-story structure boasts of fine architecture which blends perfectly with its surrounding pine trees and a stunning view of the Cordillera Mountains. The interiors provide a homey ambiance and the perfect setting for conferences as well as family gatherings.

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The Manor Hotel Baguio
The Manor Hotel Baguio photo via Facebook Page

The hotel has 172 rooms complete with basic items for guests like cable TV, Wi-Fi internet access, phone system and an office table. The hotel takes pride in the quality of their service which I saw while staying there. You may be a diplomat, an average traveler or a decorated blogger; either way, you are given the utmost respect and care while staying there.

Foggy Morning at The Manor photo via Facebook Page
Foggy Morning at The Manor photo via Facebook Page


The Manor (check rates) is located inside the 246-hectare property of Camp John Hay. It’s situated in one of the prime locations of Baguio. It’s a quiet environment for a goodnight sleep while being near to some of the tourist spots in Baguio like Mines View Park.

Arrival Experience

The Manor
The Manor

Our group was already treated too well even before we arrived in Baguio. We were driven to Baguio City through a Hi-Ace van and we were given foods and drinks so we don’t go hungry on our trip. It was crowded when we arrived but we were accommodated nicely by the staff. Everyone was prompt in getting our things and they were respectful. We have a bit of time to spare while waiting for lunch and our rooms to get ready so we drove to Mines View Park first.

It was a busy day at the lobby
It was a busy day at the lobby

I noticed right after I got out of the van that the hotel does feel cozy. It has an eclectic vibe apart from its old-world architecture. The furniture looks warm and inviting and you could feel the cold Baguio breeze caressing your face.


We stayed at the Superior Room which is good for two or more people. The room was spacious and I got a good view of the Pine trees outside. The room didn’t have an air condition unit because they want guests to have a feel of how it’s like to live and breathe Baguio.

I stayed here and I liked it
I stayed here and I liked it
The Manor Hotel Review
The Manor Hotel Review
The Manor at Camp John Hay (photo by
The Manor at Camp John Hay (photo by

There were munchies at the side of the huge cable TV, there are two beds; both were big enough for 2. There’s an office table, a cabinet and safe for valuables, a hair dryer and 3 mirrors on different parts of the room. There’s also a small kitchen top where the fridge is located and coffee and tea for really cold mornings.
I liked the simple design of the room and the fact that even if there’s a part of the window that has screen, it was still quiet in the room for a peaceful sleep.


We dined at Le Chef Restaurant in the duration of our overnight stay and I must say that the food selection is impressive.

At Le Chef Restaurant
At Le Chef Restaurant

After the quick trip to Mines View Park, we were told lunch was ready. It was a buffet lunch and in my opinion, even someone with the healthiest appetite won’t be able to eat everything that was served in that buffet. Some of the most notable preparations they have are the fresh oysters which come from Palawan, Baked Ham, Lamb and their Dessert Selections.

Oven Roasted Ham Leg
Oven Roasted Ham Leg

I love that their food wasn’t salty and just have the right flavors. I wished I had eaten fresh oysters but there was an event that night that I had to consider my tummy but I got to eat Steamed Pink Salmon, Chicken Tandoori, Paella and Roast Beef. I also tried their strawberry cheesecake which was light enough to eat for someone who just came out from a long drive.

The Manor Facilities

For me, The Greenhouse is a stand out. We ate our breakfast at the garden before we head back to Manila and the flowers and other plants provided the perfect backdrop for the lovely food choices of the morning.

Holidays at The Manor
Holidays at The Manor Hotel in Baguio City photo via Facebook Page

Beside Le Chef is Le Chef Delicatessen with so many Cheesecakes to choose from and different kinds of bread. I was lucky enough to take home three kinds of bread from the deli. I saw a lot of people buying and I’m assuming they’re taking it home with them or as pasalubongs for friends.

They also offer yoga sessions at their Wellness Studio or a massage, Jacuzzi or Sauna at The Manor Health Spa. I didn’t get to try it but I bet that if my muscles are tensed, these two spots would be the best place to go to cure my pain.

Yoga Classes at the Manor Baguio photo via FB Page
Yoga Classes at the Manor Baguio photo via FB Page

After the event which I attended, our group passed by the Piano Bar and there was a duo performing. I felt relaxed with the tune they were humming to. The Piano Bar is a small spot near the hotel lobby. You’ll see it right away because it’s right beside Le Chef which is located farther from the lobby.

The Wellness Studio and The Manor Hotel Health Spa are two of their prime facilities which I happened to have missed visiting but I kept a silent promise that the next time I have the chance I’ll check it out.

WiFi access

I didn’t need to use Wi-Fi that time but my group mates were able to do so with ease.

I could just get cozy in here, watch tv and enjoy Baguio breeze
I could just get cozy in here, watch tv and enjoy Baguio breeze

Departure and overall review

We started our trip back to Manila at 8:30. I felt a little sad leaving because I know that there are so much to do at the property but with only an overnight stay I wasn’t able to do so. A 3D/2N stay at the hotel is much recommended to enjoy all their facilities and the surrounding areas inside the camp.

Colorful local product outside Mines View Park
Colorful local product outside Mines View Park

This experience is A+ and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

They say that Baguio is overrated now but me? I don’t mind the crowd. I still love the weather, the people, ambiance and most of all the beautiful views, delicious foods and a good place to stay. It’s all good.

Room Rates:

The Manor Hotel Published Rates (valid from October 1, 2018-December 15, 2018)

Forest View

• Superior Room (2 pax) Php7950/Php3975
• Deluxe Room (2 pax) Php8400/Php4200
• One Bedroom Suite (3 pax) Php11000/Php5500
• Two Bedroom Suite (5 pax) Php20500/Php10250
Garden View
• Superior Room (2 pax) Php8400/Php4250
• Deluxe Room (2 pax) Php8750/Php4375
• One Bedroom Suite (3 pax) Php11300/5650
• Two Bedroom Suite (5 pax) Php21000/Php10500
Rates include taxes. Extra person costs Php1680.

*Rates may change without prior notice.

The Manor Hotel (check rates and availability) is operated by the management of Camp John Hay. It’s located in Loakan Road, Baguio City 2600, Philippines. You can visit their website at for more details.

Disclaimer: My overnight stay at The Manor was complimentary. All opinions are my own.

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