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Hotel Review: Bernardo’s Hotel in Basco Batanes


Its been almost 7 years since the last time I visited http://outoftownblog.com/exploring-the-wonders-of-breathtaking-batanes/”>Batanes and during our recent visit together with PHILTOA members, I noticed that there are several new accommodation options in Batanes.

Bernardos Hotel in Basco
Bernardos Hotel in Basco

Bernardo’s Hotel is one of the newer places offering accommodation in Batanes, but it’s already managed to build quite the name for itself. The establishment is currently one of the most active hotels in the region, and in fact its popularity has surged so strongly that you now need to be quite early with your reservations if you want to get in.

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My Room at Bernardos Hotel
My Room at Bernardos Hotel


This is one of the cozier hotels in Batanes, one that easily makes you feel right at home. From their spacious rooms (that are always kept meticulously clean and fresh), to the various extra features like cable TV and great views, there’s pretty much nothing left to be desired from the quality of accommodation at Bernardo’s. The only downside we can think of is that there is no Wi-Fi access offered within the rooms themselves, but then again, you’re on holiday, you should tone down your surfing anyway!

Breakfast at Bernardos Hotel
Breakfast at Bernardos Hotel


When we said you’ll feel right at home at Bernardo’s, we meant that in more ways than the obvious coziness factor. The hotel’s staff have obviously been picked very carefully, as they all worked hard to offer the best service we’ve seen in a while – not just in Batanes and the surrounding regions, but in the entire Philippines in general! If you ever feel that you’re missing anything, all you have to do is make a mention of it to a staff member, and you’ll have the issue addressed in the blink of an eye. Often, you don’t even have to specifically mention that you’d like the staff to provide you with anything – simply saying that you’re missing a certain feature is enough of a prompt for them.

Casa Napoli Pizza in Basco
Casa Napoli Pizza in Basco

Air conditioning is available in all rooms as well, and you’ll definitely appreciate it during the hotter periods of your stay. The hotel is also obviously very well maintained, as you won’t notice any nasty build-ups on the air conditioners, a common sight in places with poor maintenance.

Casa Napoli Pizza House in Batanes
Casa Napoli Pizza House in Batanes


The hotel’s location doesn’t shine with anything in particular, although it’s definitely not a bad spot at all. You’ll be close to the beach (you can get there on foot in just a few minutes), and the hotel also offers rooftop access with a splendid view of the surrounding area. You may have to walk a bit farther if you’re interested in enjoying a more interesting scenic view, but that’s to be expected anyway.

Hawaiian Pizza at Casa Napoli
Hawaiian Pizza at Casa Napoli

How about the Food?

Make sure you drop by the Casa Napoli nearby for the best Italian dining experience in your life! The place offers an amazing selection of authentic Italian dishes, from all kinds of pasta to every possible pizza recipe you can imagine. The staff are also very easy-going when it comes to accommodating more unusual tastes, so if you have any special preferences, just let them know and they’ll sort it out for you. This is the default go-to place for guests of Bernardo’s Hotel, so you’ll likely see some familiar faces here regularly if you make this your main place for grabbing a bite during you stay.

Bernardos Hotel
Brgy. Chanarian
Basco, Batanes
SMART 09088164811
GLOBE 09175125346

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  1. It is an insult to many among us – the Native Ivatans, to know and have amidst us someone who wish and then now provide many of the comforts that should be enjoyed only in the more industrialized western societies. Such enterprisers and visitors who only appreciate such modernity, or trend, should be encourage to come to see and experience the more unique simplicity that our beloved homeland and the down-trodden true Ivatans only can provide or show. We need folks, friends and visitors like you help us protect what is more natural in our tiny homelands – Vatan, the Province of Batanes.

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