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Hotel Review: Sophia’s Garden Resort Coron

The province of Palawan offer plenty of places where you can take your vacation, and it’s certainly not short on scenic locations. But if you want to indulge in some true, deep relaxation, then you should consider a hotel like Sophia’s Garden Resort in Coron (hotel info). While it’s not the nearest resort to the town center, the hotel is a cozy spot located in the middle of paradise.

Rooms at Sophia's Garden Resort
Rooms at Sophia’s Garden Resort


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The hotel doesn’t offer many rooms, but the few ones it has are all neatly furnished and decorated, and will leave you with a very pleasant impression from your stay. If you’d prefer a little more peace and quiet during your stay, we’d advise you to get a room in the 5-8 range, as those are farther away from the reception. Other than that, there isn’t anything to worry about, or a reason to go with one particular room over another. Rooms near the restaurant and reception feature good Wi-Fi access and a nice view, and you’ll get to enjoy some proper relaxation no matter which one you pick.

Swimming Pool at Night
Swimming Pool at Night

You can also enjoy a pool and a walk through a lush garden, while a nearby massage parlor can help you relax after an active day spent outdoors. Make sure you warn the staff in advance if you’re interested in getting a massage though, as the specialists that provide this service aren’t available around the clock and you’ll need to make a booking early on. Once you’ve done that though, the massage you’ll get is easily one of the best ones you’ll experience.

Grilled Platter
Grilled Platter


One of the most notable features of Sophia’s Garden Resort (check rates) is the friendliness and competence of its staff. Few places in the entire Philippines can give you this level of service quality, and you’ll truly feel at home during your stay here. Don’t be afraid to ask for anything you might need during your visit, even if it’s not offered in the base service list. The staff can be surprisingly inventive when it comes to sorting out special requests from their guests.

Sophia's Restaurant
Sophia’s Restaurant


As we mentioned earlier, Sophia’s Garden Resort is located in a nice spot just outside the town center of Coron, and you’ll never feel that the town is too far away for any of your needs. The location has obviously been chosen for its great nature features, and if you’re a fan of spending some time closer to your origins, this will definitely make you feel right at home. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a vacation focused on shopping, nightlife and general city-based activities, you might be left a bit disappointed. Still though, this hotel obviously wasn’t built with that in mind in the first place.

Tasty Lamayo Breakfast
Tasty Lamayo Breakfast


The hotel offers free breakfast and if you want to taste the local favorite, try danggit lamayo – a local version of Visayan danggit that is not salty with the right amount of crispiness. Between Danggit and Lamayo, I’ll choose lamayo. The restaurant also offers various local dishes in their menu, make sure to try their seafood platter if you want to taste the fresh catch of the day.

My Room for a night
My Room for a night


The small number of rooms combined with the hotel’s overall high popularity means that you’ll want to make your reservations early on to make sure that you don’t miss your chance to stay here. While the hotel may be able to get you into a queue for your reservation, this isn’t always possible, especially during high-activity seasons.

Sophia’s Garden Resort Coron (book online)
Jolo, Barangay 5, Governor’s Dr, Coron, 5316 Palawan
Phone:(048) 723 1871

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